J-20 5th Gen Fighter Thread V

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To help jump-start the new thread, a grfic i pick up at PDF:

Can someone please translate all the info inthe picture (i dont know chinese)...
To help jump-start the new thread, a grfic i pick up at PDF:

Can someone please translate all the info inthe picture (i dont know chinese)...

You need to get to the SOURCE of image URL - the URL you pasted wasn't the source that's why it didn't show up. If you are using Firefox you need to right click on the image and click "view image" and it will show you the image with correct URL.

This is your original URL :
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(notice it didn't end with .jpg at the end)

This is the correct URL :
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(notice the .jpg extension at the end)

Anyway, here is the image:


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First section (writing on J-20 in blue):
"Number 2015 J-20 has flown many times"
"It shows the industrial strength of Chinese military"

Second section:
"Recently, J-20 number "2015" has flown again. It has been 4 years since the first J-20 has flown on January 11th 2011. During this 4 year period, from the first participating J-20 "2001" to the recent "2015", what exactly has happened and what has changed?"

Third section (Timeline):

2011-1-11 "2001" J-20 first flown
2011-4-17 "2001" J-20 second flight testing
End of 2011 "2001" J-20 has flown 63 times this year

2012-5-10 "2002" J-20 first shown
2012-5-16 "2002" J-20 first flown
2012-10-20 Third J-20 shown with no serial number

2014-3-1 "2011" J-20 first flown successfully
2014-7 "2012" J-20 first flown
2014-11-29 "2013" J-20 first flown
2014-12-19 "2015" J-20 first flown

"In the period of just 4 years, the J-20 that has been shown serial number 2001, 2002, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015. Every single J-20 besides the difference in serial numbers, there are dramatic changes between "2001" and "2015".

(Photo comparison of "2001"-"2015")
"From the photos above, one can see the dramatic changes during these 4 years. This includes the strengthening of the glass canopy, various improvements to the details including the stealth shaping like "clipping of the corners". Other improvements that can't be seen that contribute to the performance like the communication, navigation and various subsystems like CNI system".

(This image is a bit hard to translate, basically it shows various antennas embeded in J-20 like ultra high bandwidth antenna, GPS antenna...etc)

This section talks about J-20's "CNI" subsystem (
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"It is quite possible J-20's CNI subsystem is very similar to F-22's CNI subsystem. They both use composite bandwidth sharing system (??... could be better translated), communication, navigation, identification systems, its quite possible system installation is very similar too. They are all installed inside the wings, that's the reason why test flights are important as to ascertain structural integraity and aerodynamics, and the interference with various other subsystems."

(Image shown F-22's various CNI systems)

"Besides the CNI systems, J-20 has incorporated various high technologies"

(talks about the history of DSI from Lockheed Martain and how it is first incorporated into JF-17 as the first production fighter in the world, and how J-20's DSI will be even better as the technology matures).

"AESA fire control radar"
"J-20 is our third generation fire control radar. There are about 2000 T/R elements inside, it is roughly similar performance to the american APG-79, behind F-35's APG-81. APG-81 AESA fire control radar is american military's 4th generation radar, F-35's APG-81 AESA radar's is dimensionally smaller, and it has 1200 T/R elements.

Last section:
"To be one of the advanced 5th generation fighter, the speed of J-20's research and development is fast. From first flown in 2011 til 4 years later, there are already 6 prototypes flown. Compare to the Russian T-50 which was flown earlier than J-20, there are only 4 prototypes so far. The number of J-20 prototypes indicates the speed up of the progress. Let's hope in near future, J-20 will guard the sky of homeland".

The takeaway I find it surprising is the AESA T/R module count - they are now saying 2000 T/R elements for J-20 which is extremely high compare to F-22's 1500 T/R elements, and the american is at the forefront of the TR packaging technology. Both the Russian and the Israeli who are by no mean slouch in the radar design business wasn't able to do it. Russia’s first fighter mounted AESA radar, the Zhuk-AE, contained 652 T/R modules and was unveiled in 2007. The Israeli ELM-2052 AESA radar, which has been marketed for both the F-16 and the FA-50 – a joint Korean Aerospace Industry and Lockheed Martin F-16 derivative, has roughly 512 T/R modules (Trimble, 2014). The only firm outside of the United States that was able to produce a 1,000 T/R element within one generation was the French avionics firm Thales with its RB2E radar (Avionics Today, 2009).
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