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ITS Paolo Thaon di Revel (P430), first PPA, in Light configuration
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(in Light config the ship will work as a heavy OPV. Light+ and Full can be classified as FFGs)
Man those Italians sure know how to design a nice looking ship.

Only thing I don't like is the sharp bow sticking out, looks like a old Roman ram in the front of ships for break carthagian ships.


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The ram-like prow is actually the only part I like about PPA!

In fairness though, the Italians do generally build them pretty, FREMM IT & Cavour for instance are both gorgeous.



Italy has requested the purchase of four Type U212 NFS submarines​

According to a tender published on the official EU website on December 9, 2020, the Italian Ministry of Defense has requested the purchase of 4 submarines Type U212 NFS (Near Future Submarine) and related logistic support via the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR).
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001

The Italian Todaro-class submarine Scire (S527) makes her way up the Thames River to Naval Submarine Base New London. (Picture source U.S. Navy)

The German Type 212 class (U212), also known as the Italian Todaro class, is a diesel-electric submarine developed by the German company Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG (HDW) for the German and Italian navies. Currently, four Type 212 submarines are in service with the Italian Navy and six with the German Navy.

The Type U212 NFS Todaro Class Batch-III (Near Future Submarine) is a development of the Type-212A. The submarine is equipped with fuel cell Air Independent Power (AIP) with Lithium-Ion batteries of Italian production, which makes them among the most stealthy submarines anywhere.

Citing the Forbes website, the Type 212 NFS will feature a slight increase in overall length to accommodate a new intelligence-gathering mast. This improvement is a parallel of Germany’s second batch of Type-212As, but with an Italian system.

According to open sources defense information, the new Italian submarines could be built by the Italian company Fincantieri under license from German submarine specialist ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS). The new submarine will have a length of 55.9 meters, she is longer than Type 212A submarines Salvatore Todaro, Sciré, Romeo Romei and Pietro Venuti which are already in service with the Italian Navy offering more space for additional fuel cells for extra range and additional space for new electronic warfare systems.

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Italy’s U212NFS Near Future Submarine Contract Signed

Today, Fincantieri, one of the world’s leading shipbuilding groups and reference operator in the naval shipbuilding industry, and OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Cooperation en matiere d’Armement, the international organization for joint armament cooperation) will sign the contract for the construction of 2 new-generation submarines.
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