Italian MIlitary News Thread

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With their large and modern Navy, boasting two Aircraft carriers, with their bringing on of the F-35A and B, and with their strong Air Force and Army, it is past time we had an Italian Military News Thread.

I will start this thread with this news:

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Naval Today said:
Italian Navy’s sixth FREMM, multi-mission, frigate Luigi Rizzo F595 left Fincantieri’s shipyard in Muggiano, La Spezia, to start sea trials May 17.

The sixth of overall ten ships is scheduled for delivery in early 2017.

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri is building the vessels for the Italian Navy within the framework of an Italo-French cooperation program under the coordination of OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Cooperation sur l’Armement, the international organization for cooperation on arms).

Fincantieri’s French counterpart, DCNS, delivered the third French FREMM frigate,
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in March 2016.

The 144-meter ‘Luigi Rizzo’ has a displacement of approximately 6,700 tonnes. Fincantieri said the vessel would be capable of reaching a speed of over 27 knots and would provide accommodation for a 200-person crew.

The FREMM program ships are set to replace the Lupo- and Maestrale-class frigates built by Fincantieri in the 1970s.

The vessels ‘Carlo Bergamini’ and ‘Virginio Fasan’ were delivered in 2013, the ‘Carlo Margottini’ in 2014, the ‘Carabiniere’ in 2015 while the delivery of the ‘Alpino’ is scheduled for 2016. With the option exercised April 2015 for the construction of the ninth and tenth vessel, whose delivery is scheduled after 2020, the Italian program has been fully implemented.

The Italians have been pumping out their having six of a planned ten in the water.

France has three in the water.

Though to be fair, France has also built one for Morocco and one for Egypt which are in they have really launched five. But only three for themselves at this point that have been launched.

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with Australian Government


Pacific Sentinel said:

The Italian group contracted by the Australian Government to participate in the Competitive Evaluation Process for the Future Frigates Programme – SEA 5000

Trieste, September 1st, 2016 – Fincantieri, one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups and number one by diversification and innovation, has signed a contract with the Australian Government to participate in the Competitive Evaluation Process, conducted by the Department of Defence, to deliver 9 Future Frigates - to be built in Adelaide, South Australia - for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) under the SEA 5000 programme.

Fincantieri is one of three shipbuilders short-listed by the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG), part of the Department of Defence, to participate in the evaluation and selection process, which will last about one year. Similar agreements were signed also by Navantia and BAE Systems.

Fincantieri is offering its Italian FREMM Frigate (ASW, Anti-submarine warfare version), which is currently in service and being built for the Italian Navy.

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, commented: “We are fully committed to this programme, which represents one of the most important naval surface shipbuilding projects in the world. This is the first ever contract signed by Fincantieri with the Australian Department of Defence and we are very excited by the opportunity to participate in the evaluation process and to propose the very best of the Italian shipbuilding design and construction. We hope that this will be only the first step in this important programme, in which our company would be able to put its wealth of experience, know-how, capabilities and transfer of technology at the service of the Australian Government and its Navy”.
Fincantieri Italian FREMM (ASW Version) for SEA 5000

There are currently 10 ships in the Class – four in ASW Anti-submarine warfare configuration (bow sonar plus towed variable depth sonar) and six in GP General Purpose configuration (rapid response RHIB ramp at stern).

The ships are electric motor driven at low speed for ASW operations and Gas Turbine driven at high speed (at which time the electric motors become alternators). Hangar space is available for two MH-90 sized helicopters. Initial studies have shown that the CEA radars can be easily accommodated with little modification apart from the main mast.

Type 26 Global Combat Ship for SEA 5000 (image- BAE Systems).jpg


BAE Systems has signed a contract with the Commonwealth Government to further refine its design of the Type 26 Global Combat Ship (GCS) for the Royal Australian Navy under the SEA 5000 (Future Frigate) program.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive, Glynn Phillips, said: “We look forward to demonstrating the adaptability and maturity of the Global Combat Ship design to meet Australia’s requirements for an Anti-Submarine Warship frigate. The Global Combat Ship design is the most modern, adaptable and flexible of all possible options available today, and I am confident that we will be able to demonstrate that it is the best able to meet the requirements of the Royal Australian Navy.”

In coming months, a team of BAE Systems’ Australian engineers will be deployed to the UK to join the Company’s established design team. Being embedded into the one of the most advanced warship building teams in the world will allow these engineers to acquire the skills and knowledge required to effectively transfer the technology to Australia.

BAE Systems is using the latest in modern digital planning capability to refine and tailor its designs to the Commonwealth of Australia’s requirements. To assist this process, the Company has revealed that, a 3-dimensional visualisation suite will be delivered to Australia to help improve understanding of the unique features of the ship design. This will enable conversations about design modifications the Royal Australian Navy requires and will help demonstrate how the Global Combat Ship could accommodate the required CEA Technologies’ phased-array radar system.

This is part of the Australian Department of Defence’s Competitive Evaluation Process for the program. The Commonwealth has also entered into similar agreements with Fincantieri and Navantia.

The Global Combat Ship is the most adaptable and flexible design and best suited to meet the operational requirements of the Royal Australian Navy.

BAE Systems is one of the world’s leading designers, builders and systems integrators of naval ships and submarines. BAE Systems Australia has been building, upgrading and maintaining the Royal Australian Navy’s surface fleet for more than 30 years.

BAE Systems is currently supporting and upgrading the ANZAC Class Frigates, sustaining the largest ships in the fleet – the Landing Helicopter Docks, as well as the Adelaide Class Frigates, Minehunters and the Hydrographic Fleet.


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to any moderator, if im posting too high res pictures please send me a message and i will downgrade it. Thank You


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A nice Navy of 3th rank with much new and very good combattants Doria, Bergamini but these one have a SAM load low only 16 missiles and one very large defects of these ammunitions in VLS they require to go through a port for the silos can be recharged. Reloading of tubes is still not passable at sea.

Unboubtely a huge disadvantage to fix in the futur the port are not always close...

Launcher with magazine not easy at sea but possible reload but power, rate of fire inferior.