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“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.

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Is the CIA out to pressure apply pressure on Venezuela? Duh!! Are they behind every single problem? Impossible. Sorry but that’s impossible no agency no matter the agenda has that much reach. To much information to much risk of exposure to many times have they botched the job. The US and a number of nations have a stated foreign policy against the Regime. To deny that would be as counter factual as denial of the Holocaust or the Sun rising in the East, the Round planets rotating around the sun... But the question is simply a matter of is that enough to mean a rampant series of war time clandestine operations that would simply encourage the regime and confirm its clams well justifying its actions?

Oh dear me... even when nations under sanctions do deal they deal in the US Dollar. It only motivates those who don’t want to deal in the dollar anyway. So what is the alternative blood diamonds, Gold, Narcotics, weapons another currency that is just as vulnerable to manipulation or sanctions?
Part of the reason the US is wary of theses ships is who knows what else is on them. Remember the MiGs And SAM systems Panama found in a sugar shipment from Cuba to the DPRK. So the US is shooting itself in the foot? been plenty of that. Then again Sometimes They actually stand for what they say they do.

@Mohsin77 What do you mean future? We have been having that for centuries!! Urban vs Rural, Red vs Blue, Segregation vs Integration, Slavery vs Imancipation, National vs global, industrial vs agrarian, Wig vs Tory, Authoritarian vs Libertarian, Atheists vs Relgious. It’s simply a question of when lines get crossed and debates stop and violence starts. The Canning of Sumner In example.
P. S. So what of it? Was it Hezbolah or IRGC Saboteurs? I remember when (2016) the The new Nipigon River Bridge partiality collapsed after a bad winter storm. Meaning that the eastern and western halves of Canada were technically isolated by all but flight for 55 hours. That doesn’t mean that some grand conspiracy was at play. Bridges fail, Dams burst and refineries have problems. Especially when they are mismanaged. I remember when the Big Dig tunnel in Boston collapsed too. Caused quite a stink. No vast conspiracy mostly people making short cuts that cost a lot of money and were passed under the table by bureaucrats some corruption all around ineptitude with blame shifting to the usual suspects all around.

Oh dear me... So I am a conspiracy member now am I... Echo chamber at work when your arguments fail, he is either a fool or he protest to much. Can’t come up with a counter beyond repeating your beliefs as gospel.

than it worked didn’t it? If only those under sanctions want to deal with each other than they can only deal with each other.
Funny how you say American people. Because Venezuelans are Americans. Not as in citizens of the United States but as they are of the American continent.
Sabotage? wow... you really twisted that world view. The US was The largest trade partner before the sanctions which only happened well after the start of the decline.How did we sabotage them in all those ways? Did we drop the oil price in the 1980’s? Because that was the last Time Venezuela was really doing well. Did we rig the election for Chavez because look back at history here that was when thing really hit a race to the bottom. Where did they get those F16s I wonder... looks to me like the US was for a time pretty happy to deal with Venezuela for a time. Then what? The coup, Chavez, Meduro disputed elections. The US was still the largest trade partner for Venezuela into 2018, as much as India and China‘s Trade Combined. What happened? Hyper inflation as far back as 2016. Blame shifting.


You may not realize but US is turning into a laughing stock, and more and more often, this will be the response you will see. US is acting like 14 year old school bully throwing its weight around. And when a real crises comes up, messing up like no one would have imagined. US is by far the worst when it comes to handling of covid19 (Brazil may steal the title) and this is not a one time thing. It keeps happening with hurricanes, failing infrastructure, ballooning health care cost etc.

There used to be a logic behind US international moves (like cold war with a real regime exporter power USSR or oil/money interest, like 1st Iraq war or real moral duty like Kosova) now US actions are not for the good of anyone including its own populace. Its actions are genital measuring contests and/or outright rooted in racism. US economy is a complete bubble economy making rich even richer and gets its power from USD being the global trading tool. Its education system is undermined by extreme "conservatives". Future looks bleak.

You may not believe it but I am seriously worried for US because I know it will be bad for everyone on Earth. Perfect example is USA leaving Paris climate agreement.

I genuinely suggest you to read this short book or listen the author's many youtube videos, it will open your horizons:

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Title of the book is little bit clickbate, it is actually mostly about US.


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Guys ... this topic is the Iranian military, not US sanctions, not oil deliveries to Venezuela.

Stop it!


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@Mohsin77 What do you mean future? We have been having that for centuries!!
That's cute... So you think you're gangster huh? We'll see how gangster America is now that the 'dream' is over and the nightmare begins.

There's only one rule: No "blame shifting". Copy?

I don't wanna hear any crying about "russiagates" or whatever 'safe space' level excuses your media comes up with to explain your country's slide into senility.

p.s. Just saw the moderator message after I posted. I'll stop.

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IRGC released new footage of the 2017 Operation Laylat al-Qadr missile strike against ISIS terrorists in Syria as retaliation for ISIS terror attack in Tehran:

We see Zolfaqar and Qiam-2 BMs being prepared and fired (and live drone footage of impacts in Syria).

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IRIN today successfully conducted live test launches of upgraded versions of numerous ASCMs from ships and from shore. Specifically, a Ghadir ASCM was used to hit a target 280km away (it has 300km range) and 2x Nasr ASCMs was used to hit a target 30km away (35km range).

The new generation missiles use new warheads, have increased precision and use active radar homing (fire and forget).

IRIN Commander Khanzadi also said that new missiles would be unveiled soon, referring to supersonic ASCM and vertically-launched missiles. Likely during Sacred Defense Week in September...


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On the anniversary of the shooting down of the US RQ-4C drone, new high quality footage was released of the construction of various elements of the Sevome Khordad (3rd Khordad) AD system, including the chassis and the missiles.

Footage also showed the Sevome Khordad system firing from onboard a ship! Very interesting...

A fantastic watch:



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I'm glad when the mods tell us to stop everybody listen. Well... If you don't listen... Here's a "Nice knowing ya" from Bonk the Ban Hammer. ;)