Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


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anyway my point is that Multicam is popular on the military market. Poland, Russia and China have all created knock offs. Even the US Army issues what could be called a cheap knock down.
Mind you in there case Scorpion W2 issuer now as OCP is derived from a early version of what became Multicam. This is as early in the 2000s the US Army Soldier Systems center and Crye precision worked together to create the forerunner of Multicam, the Scorpion patterns. Crye then took that and modified it, then copyrighted it as Multicam.
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More of the garrison/work (?) uniform... It's so new that not everyone in the delegation wears it. I think this is unlikely the new combat uniform. Notice in the second photo, there is no pocket on the right sleeve. I doubt PLA's new combat uniform would omit that.