Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


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Those are double mag pouches he has up front. Assuming he has the same side pouch layout on the other side, that’s 11 Mags including the one in his rifle, which is quite a lot actually. That’s 330 rounds. You would not need that many rounds unless you were in an intensive and prolonged firefight, in which case you would be better off with more rounds in stripper clips in backpack zip on panels.
I didn't realise they were double pouches. In that case I guess he is carrying slightly more than a regular soldier would carry in terms of loaded mags. Then again, unlike normal exercises, even in CQB scenarios, they don't seem to be wearing backpacks. Perhaps that may be a reason why they could be carrying more mags on their person. But again, this can also be completely unrelated.