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So, for just this case, at least they do stick to the schedule...Overall, indeed inching close to a true "enter-service". To be observed how it will project to the future, and fitting into the 3rd decade of 21st century...

But not really! Via Angad Sigh

Worth noting that as of Jan 2020, plan was to produce four FOC Tejas jets this FY, which clearly has not happened. The HAL press release now indicates one LCA this year, and the remaining 15 fighters through FY2021. Eight two-seat trainers in FY2021-22.

But anyway ...


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Navantia Pitching S80 Plus Submarine for India’s P-75I during UDS 2020

Navantia has participated in the "Underwater Defence & Security 2020" Conference, organized by Defence Leaders, that took place in Southampton, in London from 3-5 March.
The S-80 Plus submarine is a last generation highly technological product, whose versatility allows the export. Currently Navantia is offering a design derived from this submarine to the Indian Navy, for the P75(I) program, for design and construction of 6 units.
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More likely India will order more Scorpion subs from France with AIP & then build domestic variant for future.