Hong-Kong Protests

the article describes controversies related to youth' participation in the protests (including the 18-years-old who's shot Oct 1, 2019
... and as far as I understand, this was the moment:
); follow the link
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if interested:
Hong Kong teachers in the firing line over surge in students joining anti-government protests, getting arrested
  • Schools criticised for failure to rein in students boycotting classes, staging sit-ins and forming human chains on campus
  • Some slam Education Bureau for ‘unclear guidelines’ about unrest, others say it is interfering too much in schools
I skimmed over this description of altercations in Canada (
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Canadian police took down a Hong Kong protester. Here’s what happened

but I'm curious if there's going to be a new round of protests today in HK anyone?


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WOW! A lot has happened since I last logged in. I will respond to some of the post when I get a few moment!

Meanwhile, I'll ask members here not to respond to off-topic post, or get into political discussions. I know it's difficult, because ultimately, all protest is political in nature.

I think we have done a very good job in "self-policing" this. However, I think there are a few members here would not be too unhappy if this thread get closed down! And I think they are doing their upmost in that direction.

So everyone, please be patient and don't take the bait!

Meanwhile, I saw this clip, and I thought it is a pretty good summary of what had happened in HK during the last few months! It's all facts and "half truth" (sorry, can't resist as we had been accused of posting "half truth")!

What is truth is that we didn't make up any of these. All what we see is out there for everyone to see. We didn't ask the mob to behave the way they did! in fact, they behave the way they did is because they are, under instructions by people behind the scenes!

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Today at 8:02 AM
... I'm curious if there's going to be a new round of protests today in HK anyone?
actually appear to be relatively big, barricades etc. inside
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Hong Kong protests: petrol bombs thrown in MTR station as demonstrators take to streets again
  • Firebombs thrown into Kowloon Tong MTR station at about 3pm, seriously damaging facilities, police say, warning ‘rioters’ to stop illegal activities
  • Marchers protesting against new anti-mask law had gathered at the Clock Tower outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui


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as I've already said recently, He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune
NBA row heightens foreign companies’ fears they could cross China’s ever-shifting red lines as fallout from Rockets GM’s Hong Kong protest tweet continues
  • Firms are becoming increasingly worried that Beijing’s hardline approach means they will find themselves at the centre of a political storm
  • Business advisers warn that companies could land themselves in ‘incredible trouble’ when it is hard to know what will anger the government

follow the link
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if interested
Really? If you don't like the country's politics and system of government. Or if you think the country's rules, and laws are so abhorrent, and you valued your "freedom" above all else.

Then you can exercise your "freedom" and don't enter that maket you so disagree with!

The hypocrisy is that these firms are quite happy to make loads of money from the place they ...... find it so disagreeable, and feel they could comment under the guises of "free speach"! Without as much thought about "free speach" comes with responsibilities. Otherwise, we can all offend people by calling racist, xenophobic and other inappropriate remarks all in the name of "free speach"!


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I'm curious about this. I've heard many many accusations but never any substantiation. What is the evidence for this? Any pictures, satellite imaging, etc...?
Noticed the deliberate use of the emotive words "internment camps"! Guatanomo bay anyone? Oh they don't count, because they are "non-combatants"! Lol

So when China, in combating terrorists, (let's not forget China borders Afghanistan, the very same country that USA spent 18 years fighting terrorism), and suspected terrorists are put into prison known as re-education centres, the MSM (which is where our friend get most of his infomation... not healthy), then call it "internment camps"! But when western nations do the same fighting "own-grown" terrorists, they are re-education centres! Lol.