H-20 bomber (with H-X, JH-XX)


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Thinking back about it, I would like to question the meaning of the 6 dots from the 12th episode of the 追光 PLA documentary series, as shown below. The 6 dots appear when one the narrators is talking about the 20-series (i.e. Y-20, J-20, Z-20), while hinting at "the new bomber":

Per one of the replies underneath Deino's recent tweet on the B-21, it is said (by some Chinese netizens, apparently) that "the new bomber" could be revealed on December 1st (i.e. one day before B-21, perhaps?), because the length of the 12th 追光 episode video is 12 minutes and 01 second long. However, I don't think this hypothesis is solid enough, given that all the 追光 episodes are 12 minutes +/- 1 or 2 seconds long, i.e. similar to every other episodes in the series.

Therefore, our only remaining clue would be that six dots shown above.

Therefore, do those 6 dots mean that dihydrogen monoxide revelation would be 6 weeks from the date of release of the video?

Or... 6 months?

Or... or... 6 years:eek:?
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Did Grumman hire the same people who made the AVIC promotion video in 2021 "The next"? The B-21 looks exactly the same as the one in AVIC video except the drip of the fabric.
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The videos aspect ratio are different which made H-20 flatter and wider, this is just a matter of the footage format. The aircraft are identical in that the intakes location and prominence are the same.

I can call Grumman copying AVIC already now without waiting for the revealing.

Not sure if you are joking, but the grumman commercial came out first in 2015


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Was the B-2 considered a 5th gen aircraft? I've always associated that with fighter aircraft, but I feel like you could apply it to most stealth platform / very-low observable aircraft as that was basically the defining feature.

Regardless of what value you assign to it, this will be the first brand new strategic bomber in how many decades?
B-21 is not a strategic bomber. More a tactical one


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When you say "any expectation earlier than late 2027 is too optimistic" are you referring to maiden flight or initial entry into service?

Because I don't see how you can say "H-20 is where the J-20 was during late 2009 and early 2010" and not expect it to make its maiden flight within a year.
I saw your comment this late. Sorry. I meant entry to the service. I am fairly sure we will see the first flight in 2-3 years.