F-22P and 053 series


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My understanding is, it could be true that Bangladesh might be willing to buy those two ships after taking 522 & 523, but with the pandemic, it should be all canceled. Anyway, it seems they are not in PLAN's future plan at all.
That makes sense, have you any source that confirms Bangladesh have frozen any such additional 053H3 purchases?


Type 053H1 #553 commissioned in 1985, 36 years in service, probably is being used as a floating classroom for new sailors.

Type 052H1 #558, #559 and #562 are in service for 29 years, 28 years and 27 years respectively. They were part of South China Sea patrol flotilla. They are expeced to be retired in one to three years if the 30 years service mandate is adhered to.

Chinese Wikipedia is now listing all 053H1s as retired, albeit with no specific retirement date associated with 553 Shaoguan. Does anyone have further information to corroborate this?


The combat information center of 053H3 Huaihua after modernization. It uses the latest gen consoles.



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Any update on the old 053H1 and 053H1Gs? Those should be about retirement age, especially the last 053H1 (553 Shaoguan).

Chinese Wikipedia does list it as retired, but there is no specific retirement date, so I'm skeptical it's been retired because I expect some celebration for retiring "the last of the old".