054/A FFG Thread II


A closer look at the new AESA panel installed above the bridge. Previous images are mostly of the rear two panels.



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Does anyone know how many 054A in total will the PLAN eventually acquire? Is the number 42 accurate?

AFAIK, for the 054A FFGs, currently there are 37 in active service, 2 almost ready for commissioning, and 1 undergoing sea trials. If I'm not mistaken, there should be 2 more 054As under construction right now(?)

Also that the rumor/news heard from last year, claiming the final order for 8 054As has been slashed and replaced with new orders for 12 054Bs. The old (I suppose outdated) figure from English language version of Wikipedia article indicated the planned number of 054A FFG at 50 ships, so I'd like to confirm about this.
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I am not 100% sure but I don't think the Tughril class has VDS installed, as can be seen from the lack of a VDS port compared to a PLAN 054A in front.
That is my understanding, PN downgraded the ASW capability in favour of much increased AAW capability, including both AESA and volume search radars. They also replaced 8xYJ83 with 4xYJ12B.