Double posting & other technical problems at SDF


"the engineer"
Is it possible to remove the power to start a new thread for new members? It's obvious that the spammers are abusing this power. Maybe only after 10 posts in existing threads can someone start a new one?


I saw a bunch of spammers posting advertisements and they stay around for about half a day before being removed. Look like they know what time mods are in bed. Hope that we have mods around the clock.


There's something wrong with the conversation feature. My browser closes after I try to start one. An error message shows up but the browser closes to quickly to read.


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The Sino Defence Forum facebook bot has been broken for at least 2 hours.
I saw 2 post from Sinodefenceforum in my Facebook timeline containing nothing but "DLVR.IT"

asif iqbal

First can we have advertisements removed they are appearing mid thread

message issues can wait

it’s so annoying


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I heard you guys the first time, lets not make every thread a complaint thread about the same issue.

The ads will be random and I've tweaked so they only show above and below content... will be testing these for next few weeks.


Here's a problem I find annoying is how when I go to threads for the first time after logging off or just leaving the site for a while how when I go to the last post/last page, I don't end up on the last post/last page. Sometimes I'm five pages back into pages I've already read. Also sometimes when there's new postings on the thread I'm in and the site sends a message asking if I want to "View Them" and I click onto the button, it sends me back several pages and then when I go back to the last page all I see is the last posting I saw before. No new postings.