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Both ships, the fast combat support ship and the aircraft carrier are high in the water. Both ships are waiting to be filled with bunker oil I think.

I don't think the chineses use bunker oil. From all the photos we've got, most of them depict a pretty clear exhaust smoke.


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Don’t think it’s an exercise, more like a test to make sure everything works before trying this out at sea.

I agree. Its no coincidence that Type 052D no. 117 --- damn she's out of Qingdao so soon after hosting Xi Jing Ping --- and Type 051D no. 116 are in Dalian right now. Both ships are not in the destroyer fitting pool so its got nothing to do with maintenance. I would say the locations for 116 and 117 is that they are closer to the side of Dalian where the carriers are. My thoughts is that there is going to be a trial or exercise with Carrier 002 along with the Type 901 coming soon.


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What you guys think of this post by Icloo
The two ships are now connected by cable and fuel/water transfer hose.

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