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From Henri K blog
The Chinese Liaoning aircraft carrier, accompanied by five escort ships, crossed the Taiwan Strait in the night of January 4-5, heading for the South China Sea.
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This is a surprise
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Chinese carrier spotted in waters near Taiwan again
This is the third time that the Liaoning has been seen in the seas near Taiwan, but it did not circle the island - as it did in late 2016

Chinese aircraft carrier the Liaoning had a surprising run along the Taiwan Strait late on Thursday night, Taiwan’s defense officials said, noting that the warship skimmed off the center line of the strait while en route to Guangdong for R&R – rest and recreation – for its crew before further drills in the South China Sea.

The carrier sailed from its home port of Qingdao in northern China’s Shandong province at noon on Thursday, following a large exercise right after the New Year that involved other combat ships, including at least two 052C-class guided-missile destroyers.

Taiwan rushed to scramble reconnaissance planes to monitor the Liaoning at dusk yesterday, bracing for any potential emergency that could arise from the approaching Chinese carrier.

It was feared that the 61,000-ton vessel, and its squadron of J-15 shipborne fighters, would cut across the Miyako Strait northeast of Taiwan and head south by the island’s east coast, before looping round the island’s southern sea border to flaunt the prowess of the Chinese military to contain and recapture the breakaway province – as it did a little over a year ago.


The Taiwan Strait is 130 km wide at its narrowest. The strait’s center line is the de facto sea border between China and Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
But that didn’t happen. Taiwan heaved a sigh of relief as the Liaoningpassed through the Taiwan Strait, a waterway that is 130 kilometers wide at its narrowest, following a route west of the center line between the mainland and the island.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said any ships that veer past the center line and enter Taiwan’s territorial waters will be monitored and intercepted if they fail to comply with warnings against the incursion.

Meanwhile, Chinese deputy foreign minister Liu Zhenmin said in a conference on Friday that the Taiwan Strait belongs to both sides and that the Liaoning’s passage didn’t represent any change to Beijing’s policies.


A Chinese J-15 jet prepares to take off from the deck of the Liaoning. Photo: AFP
The last time the Liaoning was seen in the Strait was last July when a strike group with a frigate and two destroyers cruised north, after attending celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China.

J-15 fighters reportedly had multiple takeoffs from the carrier while in the sensitive waters.

Taiwan lodged a complaint, which Beijing dismissed, that the strike group penetrated its sea defense zone.

The Liaoning’s maiden blue-water journey on Christmas Eve in 2016, after years’ of retrofitting by the Chinese military, culminated in a high-profile voyage around Taiwan that unnerved citizens on the island.

China's right to conduct 'freedom of navigation' exercise. :D;)


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Here is the translation
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Liaoning Aircraft Carrier: Cape to the South China Sea
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16 Liaoning , China's only aircraft carrier for the moment, began crossing the Taiwan Strait this week, on the night of January 4-5. Escorted by five warships, the flagship of the Chinese Navy and its airborne group should begin this year at the beginning of a series of training in the South China Sea, if they keep the current course.

But unlike the similar exit that took place between November 30, 2016 and January 11, 2017 - where the Chinese carrier group was first pulled out of the first island chain, via the Miyako Strait near the archipelago from Japan, before returning to the South China Sea through the Bashi Strait, located south of Taiwan - this time the fleet left later and headed straight for the destination.

It is unclear, however, whether the aircraft carrier will later bypass the island of Taiwan on its way back from the east once the operations are completed.

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The estimated journey of Liaoning aircraft carrier and its carrier group until the evening of January 5 (Image: East Pendulum)

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The maritime zone is forbidden from 2 to 4 January for the rallying of Chinese buildings (Image: East Pendulum)

Highly sensitive to Chinese military maneuvers in its vicinity, the Taiwanese media have as usual made a fairly wide coverage on this new descent of the Chinese aircraft carrier. It is learned that the carrier lifted anchor from its base port near Qingdao on January 2, and then joined several escort ships, including two Class 052C destroyers from the Eastern Fleet and minus three other vessels in the Northern Fleet, in a no-go zone in the Yellow Sea.

The Taiwanese army, following the event closely, had estimated that the Chinese fleet could cross over to the east coast of Taiwan to make deck-bridges, but finally
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A former Taiwanese naval officer thinks that the descent of the polar air masses could have pushed the Chinese air-lift group to head south earlier.

According to government sources on the island, the Chinese aircraft carrier quickly crossed the Taiwan Strait and the onboard aircraft did not make took off, which was interpreted as a sign of "restraint" on the part of the Chinese carrier. Chinese army. The Chinese fleet exited the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Area (ADIZ) on the evening of Friday, January 5 at around 9 pm local time.

It should be noted that since late 2016, the Chinese aircraft carrier and its airborne group have already descended three times in the south. The first tour lasted more than a month between late November 2016 and mid January 2017, then a second one in July 2017 to participate in the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, where
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for the first time in history.

The continuation of this new release of the Chinese aircraft carrier could be very interesting to follow.

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The aircraft carrier Liaoning and its fleet in late 2016 early 2017 (Image: East Pendulum)

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The release of the Liaoning aircraft carrier in July 2017 to participate in the 20th anniversary of the retrocession of Hong Kong to China (Image: East Pendulum)

Henri K.

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Staying very close to mainland

Next time hopefully they said around Japan from the Sea of Japan

What the furtherest the carrier has been from mainland ?
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