Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)

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If they have access to blood/fluid samples that they've collected back in September, October, November of 2019 and been able to detect antibodies/viral particles in these samples, that would be better evidence. So far, the epidemiological/genomic analyses of the viral samples collected around the world still point to Wuhan as one of the originating locations. We will have to wait for possible analysis of earlier samples, such as those collected from the electronic cigarette patients back in October/November, 2019. So far, we don't have any scientific evidence to point to other locations at this point.

To be honest, if evidence suggests that the COVID-19 came from another country other than China, it would ease a lot of pressure off the Asian American communities around the country... That would include me and my family. We are under a lot of pressure. A huge population of health care professionals in the US is Asian Americans. At our medical school and the associated hospital, >40% of faculty is Asian Americans. Overall in the US, ~17% of all doctors are Asian Americans, the second largest ethnic group after White (56%). We are now facing two enemies: (1) the invisible enemy of the virus, which we are fighting while risking our lives; (2) the very American general public that we are risking our lives to save. At work, we fight the virus. After work, we are under threat from the general public who might attack us for no better reason than our look. The sad thing is that the same people we are trying to save are wanting to hurt us...

This is definitely not a good situation for us and, more importantly, for the patients. Just as our President said the other day, this is a war. And in this war, we the health care professionals are the front line troops. Now, close to 20% of the troops at the front line are under threat from behind, from the very people they are trying to defend. This is insane! We are trying to save you! Help us focus on our work so that we can save lives. Don't distract us! Don't shoot us in the back! Don't shoot us in the back!
I absolutely concur, this is a time to stand together!


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To mask or not to mask.

6 feet distance is for droplets. If current virus spreads mainly by droplets, then level 2 barrier mask should work.
If it spreads by aerosolization, then it will spread through ventilation system throughout. Up to 25 feet in open air is normally quoted number for aerosolization. Level 2 barrier mask won't save you. That's for N95.

People saying "Keep a distance of 6 feet" and saying at the same time "masks don't work" seem to not know what that 6 feet distance implies.


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Like I said, all it takes is 1 slip up, and you get infected.

Btw my dad says Guangzhou and Shanghai, half the people starting to not wear masks and traffic is getting bad again XD.
so 27 minutes ago you posted screenshots from some Chinese TV show perhaps?

chinese official spokesman zhao lijian
I've heard
Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian, known for his Twitter outbursts, is given senior foreign ministry post
  • Zhao, who recently left his position as deputy chief of mission in Pakistan, is now deputy director general of the foreign ministry’s information department
  • He became known for heated online confrontations with China’s critics, once being branded a ‘racist disgrace’ by a former Obama administration official
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if interested

spoke to the Chinese media about the suspect US female soldier as possible patient zero at Wuhan.
when, today?

And her relative is confirmed patient zero at Holland according the chinese report.
"relative" ... what category of family members?