Chinese semiconductor industry


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RISC-V is a mess because the available architecture isn't 100% adequate for doing a decently performing design. You need to add your own hardware instructions which make the processors incompatible with each other.

I think China is still better off with an ARM architectural license and making their own CPU designs.
I see this as an advantage rather than a disadvantage of RISC-V. By including only the most crucial and basic elements for every potential IC design, RISC-V allows a monolithic ISA model to be used for virtually every scenario. The goal of RISC-V has been changing since it was first implemented. It was never designed to be a performance leading ISA for CPUs like what ARM or Intel/AMD do because its original design goal was targeted towards industrial ICs.

Any specific implementations like CPU designs could be customized into that specific RISC-V design while still maintaining the full subset of basic features needed for cross compatibility requirements. This is the way China could organically infiltrate the IC domination of foreign firms as a trojan horse through the ecology this would gradually create. The incompatibility of a China designed and controlled customized RISC-V CPU is not really a disadvantage because the end goal is technology independence. RISC-V is just a way to use open source to begin this process but the end goal is full independence and if possible, technology control.


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This means that China should forget about 7nm completely. Just do 12nm or even 10nm. That just enough to survive domestically. No need to focus on the international market, just focus inside the country.
No, if you sell a product, you should aim to sell to as large as a market as possible and pushing towards the technological frontier should be axiomatic.