Chinese infantry fighting vehicles


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Just a nice image to mark the 95th anniversary of the founding of the PLA.



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Hi, I'm a new person here and well, I want to get more interested in Chinese military tech as I've mostly been into Russian military vehicles as they were the most that interested me but I want to give China's vehicles a shot.

The most memorable Chinese AFV to me is the ZBD-04. I see it as a neat vehicle that's an improved design of the BMP-3 right? Or have I got it wrong?


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In a general sense, yes the zbd-04(a) is pretty much an improved copy of the bmp 3. Over its russian counterpart it has: a thermal gunner sight, thicker armor, better ergonomics for crew members ( e.g massive drivers hatch), much much better ergonomics for the passengers with no more awkward seating arrangments, two laser warning recievers either side of the turret, and a fire control system that is actually integrated into the sighting system.