Chinese Engine Development


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latest news WS-20....

Are there more images from the expo? Which expo BTW?
Has ws-20 passed the test phase and made into production examples? Any Y-20s equipped with 4 of these engines?
I really wish to see 4 WS-20 equipped plane...since it is quite apparent that WS-15 won't be equipped on the J-20 anytime soon.


I don't think that's public information although I remember a leak from sometime ago saying that WS-10B came in at a hair under the 135kN target for wet thrust.
The reason I specifically asked @Interstellar is that I vaguely remember him giving values for the WS-10 series (Including the WS-10IPE) at PDF. IIRC the max value for the WS-10IPE was 137 kN (That is the upper value of the range given).


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The significance of the report is that the military purchased the software for the following engines:

WS-20, WS-10C, WS-20B, and WS-15.

This implies that WS-15 might show up very soon.
Thanks ... and that the designation WS-10C is also official.