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Article on the certification of the wz-16.

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The Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) has certificated the WZ16 turboshaft that will power the AVIC AC352 7t multi-role helicopter.

The engine is based on the Safran Ardiden 3C that powers the Airbus Helicopters H175, on which the AC352 is based. It was jointly developed by Safran and the Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC).

The news follows EASA’s certification of the Ardiden 3C in 2018.

Safran says that the WZ16 “is the first jointly-developed aero engine to be entirely certified by Chinese authorities.”

The specific AECC units involved in the work are Harbin Dongan Engine and Hunan Aerospace Propulsion Research Institute.

“Certification from Chinese authorities marks a major milestone for Safran Helicopter Engines and AECC” says Safran executive vice president Bruno Bellanger.

“It confirms that the WZ16 is now ready to operate in accordance with world-class Chinese safety and performance standards, thanks to an intensive maturation plan conducted by our partners. It is also a historic moment for the Chinese aerospace industry as it is the first-ever jointly-developed aero engine to be entirely CAAC certified, and a major step toward AC352 entry-into-service.”

The AC352 conducted its maiden flight in December 2016, and has been undergoing testing since then.

The WZ16/Ardiden 3C turboshaft falls in the 1,700-2,000shp range
Corrections to the artical:

1. According to Safran's web site
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Ardiden 3C is WZ16, not one based on the other. This C variant of Ardiden 3 is a joint venture with China and ONLY used by China.
The WZ-16 is fitted in the Chinese AC352, jointly developed by Avicopter with Airbus Helicopters. Known in the west as the Ardiden 3C, the engine has been jointly developed by Safran Helicopter Engines, CAPI and Dongan, parts of the new Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) consortium, in a partnership for both development and production.
2. According to Airbus,
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H175 uses Canadian Pratt & Whitney's PT6C 67E, not Safran's Ardiden
Powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6 engine – the PT6C 67E – the H175 benefits from strong performance and large power reserves, which support efficiency and safety during take-off and landing, rig approach, hovering and hoisting.
3. Like the engines, H175 (aka EC175) is NOT a base of AC352, but rather the Airbus designation of the same helicopter from the same program. The program is a joint venture from the very beginning primarily for China since 2005. In other words, there won't be H175 if there is no AC352 (aka Z-15).
The source of this is from the same website of the above article
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Eurocopter is in talks with Chinese manufacturers to co-develop a new medium to heavy twin-turbine helicopter dubbed the EC175

Revealing the initiative at Heli-Expo, Eurocopter president Fabrice Bregier said the plan forms an important element of the helicopter maker's expansion strategy in China, as well as of its overall plans to compete with newer machines such as the Bell/Agusta AB139.
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Military tech ban doesn't cover dual use stuff. And even if wz16 can't be used, one can always use the same design, optimise it for some other helo and slap on a different name.


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Could anyone please translate or give at least a summary??
Posted by LKJ86 at the PDF in both the engine and KJ600 thread....

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