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Hi ansy1968,

Just my opinion, this is a serious situation now. There is no way out either. The Australians have to kow-tow, or at least get rid of Morrison man. Then they can start discussion that list of 14 items the CCP put forth. I have not even bothered to read that, but probably just normal points of contention.

That is how these fights should be. They should be protracted struggles, and inflict real damage. Too much talking does not work. A fight is a fight.

Australia probably just waiting for the Americans to come to their recuse. The Americans can bar Chinese goods, or issue more tariffs, or ban Huawei. It worked so well the first time, they might try that again.

Get the Germans to ban Huawei. Get to big mama.


Double dare!

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Hi horse,

good day bro,

If China had provided a list then it wouldn't back down, it already had declared it's intention. About the American, they had done enough to do more may harm itself, while the rest of the so called allies don't want to be in a situation like AUSTRALIA. I think the patience had worn off or it's a way of peeling off the 5 eyes. A collective action may inflict damage to China economy, but the repercussion is greater to them. What Australian experience today is a preview to that.


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Right now Australia is trying to give itself courage by saying "it's okay, our allies will back us up". We all know in the post-COVID world where everyone would be hungry for economic growth aren't no one want to be out holding the bag for Australia, but some action is required to break that illusion for Australians.

Best way to do this is either that EU-China FTA deal, or join CPTTP, or some other economic card we're not aware of up central government's sleeve.


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A collective action may inflict damage to China economy, but the repercussion is greater to them. What Australian experience today is a preview to that.
Hi ansy1968,

Agree with what you are saying brother.

This coalition to take on China on trade, that is a pile of bs.

The United States and Australia are both working together on a trade war with China, there already is coalition action here. Then the UK banned Huawei from backroom politics, and China is embroiled with Canada over prisoners. This is the Anglo coalition all fighting on various levels against China. That is today, not some day in the future.

There are three growth poles int the world, USA, China, EU.

A trade war between USA+UK+Aussies+Canada and China, is still a trade war between USA and China, the smaller countries won't make a difference. We have already seen the lackluster results of the current US-China trade war.

The idea of USA+EU versus China in a trade war, may look interesting on paper, but in reality it is nearly impossible. Reality is this. It is the UK doing Brexit 4 years ago and they are still negotiating with EU over the terms, which are all trade related. How are they going to actually fight anybody on trade.

The EU is good at picking on weak people and countries, like Libya, but against China, they are not that brave.

We can only work in principles and good assessments of the situation.

China has made the right move, when the rivals are weak, you chase.

Taking on the Anglo world like this, trying to inflict pain like China is doing, that will be good for China.

The Europeans throughout history always sided with strength (or respected that) and not weak powers.

The RCEP, world's biggest trading block, to be the biggest economic region in the world in 10-15 years, all driven by one growth pole.

The only risk to the RCEP is a major war in the region. But China has some really good armaments.

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Best way to do this is either that EU-China FTA deal, or join CPTTP, or some other economic card we're not aware of up central government's sleeve.
It's better to keep on bashing the Anglo world non-stop.

The CCP must make it clear, that it is not forcing anyone to choose a side.

If someone chooses a side against Chinese interests, then accept it like Australia and Canada.


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China should move away from coal. Biden is "serious" about not using coal. Is Biden, unlike Trump, going to sell more coal to Vietnam?
Not easy to do so, it will take quite some time before China can abandon coal. More than 50% of Chinas power generation is through thermal power plants.
The only alternatives is renewable/nuclear both having its own drawbacks.


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Come to think of it ...

China should increase hostilities towards the Anglo and bash them in the vital areas in the body relentlessly without stop.

Think about it.

Is Europe going to come to the recuse of the Anglo world? Is the EU going to take their side? Lip service for sure, but after that ...

Continental Europe has something similar with the Arabs, they do not like the Anglo world.

When the enemy is on the run, you chase.

When the enemy runs to the house of the EU, it is kind of like when Jehovah Witnesses is ringing your doorbell ...



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China imposes heavy penalties on Australian wine; naturally the whiners in Australia have already started squawking and yet, i don't hear nothing from the Wolverines in Canberra...
This Bloomberg article is just piece of trash as usual. This shit article just to portray Aussie is some kind of victim of heroism act of stand up against big bad Commie China. Typically tactical: bad mouth China, Chinese or whatever whoever West don't like will put in headline or on top. Then wrote some thing rational hide it in bottom or in "jungle" of word so make it easy to miss. This just is a d*ck move so no one can say they are biased or unfair.
Don’t know why China imports so much wine. In particular, red wine just don’t go with 99% of Chinese food, yet 99% of the time red wine are served.
About red wine. I think red wine and a tons of other things Western made became some living standard of modern day. Just like now you can't call it birthday party without fancy cake and Happy birthday song and a wish when blow-up candle. Can't propose girl without 5 carat diamond ring. In this case if you party or dinner of whatever event you host without red wine will become a joke and everyone will look down and think you just a cheap unsuccessful guy.


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I am not really a wine person. Can you tell me why?

Basically in wine pairing you either want your wine to match your food - so called "congruent pairing", or you want your wine to contrast with your food - so called "contrasting pairing".

Chinese food in general neither share favor compounds with red wines nor contrast them - it is difficult to execute contrasting pairings with red wines in general, not just for Chinese food. In particular, Chinese methods of cooking red meat doesn't usually allow congruent pairing with red wines.

With white wine, Chinese vinegary salads (smashed cucumber salad for example) can do congruent pairing with whites, but more importantly it's very easy to do contrasting pairings of Chinese food with (high acidity) whites. Even for the few Chinese dishes that can be paired congruently with reds, like beef brisket with fermented tofu, I think they do equally well or better in contrasting pairings with whites.