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Yeah, like the promise to Russia that NATO would never expand eastwards? Remember that solemn promise by the US? The Americans tend to be somewhat forgetful about their legal obligations, and the Russians know this perfectly well.

Besides, what you propose isn't worth much, as Russia has Crimea already (mostly because the people of Crimea want to be in Russia).

Your desire to break the Russians from the Chinese is obvious. But next time make up a better lie.

Yes, I have such high expectation of YOUR becoming a geopolitical mover a shaker, that I would find it worth my time to lie to YOU, to break up some fantastic Russo Chinese alliance.


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Russia is playing a game. If Putin manage to extract a promise from Biden that the US and NATO will respect Russia’s primacy in the former Czarist sphere of influence, Russia will immediately drop collaboration with China in any field that makes the US nervous.

The main question is whether the US can admit to herself that she has been overplaying her hand with respect to Russia during the last 20 years, and her capacity to simultaneously contain both russian and china is weak.

Russia and Putin sees this, and wants to leverage the fact that in the long run Russia’s capacity to reduce American global influence is much less than those of the chinese. So it wants something from the US for not taking China’s side.
This is only true if Russia were extremely naive and had a really bad memory, after the fiasco of "shock therapy", which reduced the life expectancy of Russian men by more than 7 years, the broken promise of "no more NATO expansion", and the bombing of Serbia and Kosovo independence.

Per Andrew Jones, Shengzhou-12 will launch in about 2 hours: 0122 UTC/09:22 local June 17; 9:22 pm Eastern June 16


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Shenzhou-12 mission prep, training, pre-launch, and other related images.

Training for space walks: