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This is the most ridiculous claim that I have heard of. China's military doesn't have any business deals with the US. US imposing sanctions on General Li is just useless and for nothing.

Beside, there are a ton of Chinese politicians got sanctioned by the US. None of them got striped of their title. Whatever happened, it has to do with internal corruption or espionage. In addition, General Li got the promoted when he already got sanctioned by the US. Nobody important gives a damn about the US sanctions anymore.

Well if we ever get such information it's just guess work for now.


Well if we ever get such information it's just guess work for now.
Maybe so, but it doesn't mean we should accept and ponder every outrageous claim. Just remember, China isn't a vassal of the US. China only paid lip service the US when matters are domestic and national interests. More important, China isn't Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, UK or Australia. China is the world second most powerful country.


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Well if we ever get such information it's just guess work for now.
Doesn't make your guess any less absurd. Why would China break it's long established pattern of only recognising UN sanctions just for 1 person?

Li was kicked for the same reason Pompeo was kicked, not because they were sanctioned, but because they didn't perform on the job.


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Possibly has something to do with the United States imposing sanctions on him and the Equipment Development Department for purchasing Russian fighter jets and surface-to-air missile systems. These sanctions were a result of the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), which aims to deter countries from engaging in significant transactions with Russia's defense and intelligence sectors.

Due to these sanctions, General Li and the Equipment Development Department faced restrictions on doing business with the U.S. financial system, and any assets they may have had in the U.S. were frozen.
You sound like a spokesperson for the US State Department.

Ignore listed for both stupidity and obvious lack of objectivity.


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2023 Annual Report to Congress
November 14 2023
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Annual Report to Congress
Executive Summary
Recommendations to Congress
Chapter 1 – Year in Review
Chapter 1, Section 1 – U.S.-China Bilateral and China's External Economic and Trade Relations
Chapter 1, Section 2 – U.S.-China Security and Foreign Affairs
Chapter 2 – China’s Efforts to Subvert Norms and Exploit Open Societies
Chapter 2, Section 1 – Rule by Law: China's Increasingly Global Legal Reach
Chapter 2, Section 2 – Battling for Overseas Hearts and Minds: China's United Front and Propaganda Work
Chapter 3 – Potential Risks to China’s Future Economic Competitiveness
Chapter 3, Section 1 – China Educating and Training Its Next Generation Workforce
Chapter 3, Section 2 – Fiscal, Financial, and Debt Problems Weigh Down Beijing's Ambitions
Chapter 4 – China Seeking Military Influence and Advanced Capabilities
Chapter 4, Section 1 – China's Relations with Foreign Militaries
Chapter 4, Section 2 – Weapons, Technology, and Export Controls
Chapter 5 – Changing Relations with Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Chapter 5, Section 1 – Europe-China Relations; Convergence and Divergence in Transatlantic Cooperation
Chapter 5, Section 2 – Taiwan
Chapter 5, Section 3 – Hong Kong
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