China's Defense/Military Breaking News Thread


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Those reports to congress are not really worth anything. They're written by people with access only to open info that anyone could read anyway. They regurgitate data from other similar reports, Jane's books and various news bits.

And their purpose is to "scare" the congress members into thinking US Navy is going to get overrun by some enemy, so the congressmen vote on various acts that'd give the US DoD/USN more money. I wouldn't be surprised if such reports are actually funded through some channel via either USN itself or via arms industry companies in US that have sizable interests in various US DoD procurement programs.


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Why is the us keep pressuring China to join arms control treaty? with their huge 2000 plus nuclear weapons vs China odd 300, i thought China has repeatedly said no to such proposal, with such huge nuclear imbalance their insecurity is baffling
Is it me or US is openly showing the world how 'fair and equal' their so called free western led world order is?


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Or it could be a f16 or f15 or f18... Unless the Venezuelan air force send a plane over to visually check out, which is not likely, can't know for sure it's a f22.
Why would you assume that? Radars are known to be able to compare return signals against reference libraries to identify contacts. It could very well be that the system positively identified the contact as an F-22.