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Why is the fire green?
Several possibilities. A camera filter or post-processing error is one.
If it is really a green exhaust plume though, it could be some kind of boron based rocket fuel.
Such things do exist, from liquid "Green Dragon", to solid propellants like the one used in the Meteor BVRAAM.


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China on the verge of acquiring majority stake of jet engine maker Motor Sich.

US is freaking out, it wants Ukraine to block the deal. Therefore US releases $250million aid to Ukraine.

China should put together a $10billion package for Ukraine. This will make US $250million aid looks like peanut!

how about leveling out the playing field?

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There is a video that accompanies this tweet, that includes a missile firing footage allegedly of the CJ-100. But the launch is fired from a slanted position and the missile doesn't go straight up. Either the missile firing sequence is merely common stock footage from another cruise missile, or the missile in the previous post is a new SAM that is still being developed that is akin to the SM-3 or SM-6.

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Translated from Japanese by
CJ-100: 3rd generation supersonic cruise missile, a part of the “trump” of the rocket army's destructive attack with high defensive breakthrough capability and high accuracy, and supplement with other missiles, high, medium and low defensive breakthrough system Make up.

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hope this not prior published!!.....details of a proposed flying saucer or termed as 'Great White Shark'