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Selective reporting/sourcing. You can replace "anti-feminist" with "radical feminist" and the result describes an equally sizeable segment of the Chinese internet. Take e'zu ("the goose group") on Douban for example, a discussion board that played crucial roles in taking down Kris Wu (a feminist cause) and Zhang Zhe Han (a nationalist cause). Its members by and large hate men, foreigners, Muslims and Western liberal ideas other than feminism. A couple weeks ago there was a discussion thread about whether pregnant women have a moral duty to abort male fetuses to protect the next generation of women from oppression. I sometimes think their ideal vision for the world is where only Han Chinese women exist.
Woah I read about some of the backlash against Chinese feminists on weibo occasionally, like how they are not just demanding equal status with men but a higher status. I didn't know about this goose group though. This is nuts

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It's a falun gong source, but why this photo looks like it's true?

Don't believe it? See photo from official website at
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, which shows every foreign student has two female "study companions". 這張照片來自官方報導
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