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I read this article before you posted, and I thought sounds like people at the end of their rope. There is nothing left. They fight this war with China, essentially with nothing.

Except for:
  • cherry picking all data
  • belittle China at every turn
  • delusion on top of delusion
Actually, there should be more characteristics of this sort of behavior. This is only what I thought of, what quickly came to mind, and I went to do something else and forgot about it.

My feeling was that the rise of China, the Anglo media were beginning to show traits of the Indian media. That would be so damn hilarious!

Maybe that time has arrived?

We should have a thread of China as it is and media delusions! Haha!

Call it the Comrade Chang thread, lolz.



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This is what is going on.

Some people in the west, they have changed their argument.

Instead of saying China is not winning, which they cannot say anymore, the narrative now has changed.

The new narrative is that China cannot win the future.

Then they list their reasons why China cannot win the future.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

My feeling is that if China does well today, and does well the next day, pretty soon we reach the future anyways.

These articles do not seem to be much more than coping mechanisms.




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I actually read the article from start to end, as I feel it is important to understand the thinking of the enemy.
This article was particularly bad because it was based on a 2018 book, which meant that data was at least 5 to 10 years old, which all could be out of date.

Do not disagree with know ourselves know others, 100 battles 100 victories, however, it still mostly just Gordan Chang ideology.

Comrade Chang just knew which buttons to push, and that is any deviation from a western prescription will ultimately lead to failure.

Being not just wrong, but seeing the opposite happen the past 20+ years, creates a lot of self-doubt.

No doubt about it. The CCP is not dumb. They can sense weakness very easily.