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CNN thinks it is perfectly alright if only Han is subject to family planning.
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It's great isn't it. For years the western MSM have demonized China for being draconian for their one child policy and forced sterilisation. Favoured male child etc. (Let's not forget that this one child policy only applies to Han Chinese. And if it wasn't for the one child policy, China could well be like India is today, poor And impotent). And now they are pointing their fingers and talking negatively about the three-child policy. On BBC report by the SOB John Sudworth. He even somehow twisted around and starred to talk about Xinjian! You can't make it up.

Well, China can spare the incarceration expenditure. I heard Turkish prisons are a bit stiffer than the Chinese ones.

From what I remember, the experience severely altered Lawrence of Arabia.
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Looks like the kid is one of those evolutionary specimens that likes to shit where he eats.

Oh well, he's going to learn the hard way how his ass can cash those checks his mouth overdrafts.

I don't know what it is, but talking about Turkish prisons somehow revive my childhood memories of watch the film "Midnight express"

@siegecrossbow please allow me this one reply. Thanking you in advance.

Your career (like any other) is a combination of luck and innate talent. You can get lucky and your talent and opportunity arrive at the right place at the right time, or you can be LT David Uthlaut. Shit happens.

I know a few guys that really should not wear the eagle, or even the oakleaf, and a few guys that should wear a star or two.

To be fair, that could apply to any job in civil street.

I would've been tempted jumped over the table and smashed Ted fat face in. Oddly, that's the kind of behavior that the electorate would like to see these days.

Again to be fair, any person would do the same to Ted, I will take my family to vacation while the rest of you freezes, Cruz. For the life of me, I just dont know how you Texans out there could vote for him.



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"One of China’s elite universities has a new student that’s distinguishable from the rest of her peers — she’s human-like but powered by artificial intelligence."

"Named Hua Zhibing, the virtual student is enrolled at Tsinghua University’s department of computer science and technology, where she will study under the tutelage of a dedicated professor, domestic media
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. Claimed to be the first AI-powered student to attend university, Hua started school on Tuesday and will focus on technology and data-related courses."

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Seems like China is now openly acknowledging that it need to be more robust in its exchange with the West.
A work study was organized by the top leadership. Zhang Weiwei was the leading expert invited to advice.

Analysts said that due to the cultural tradition of humility of the Chinese nation, China is not a country that loves promoting itself to other nations, and it doesn't like playing tit-for-tat with others and prefers to treat others with kindness. This is a key reason why China's voice in the Western-dominated global public opinion field is yet to match its national strength and influence.

"When China is successfully controlling the epidemic situation and making huge contributions to reinforcing the global fight against the pandemic, the West's poor performance and selfish decision-making look very embarrassing under the comparison," and the facts have proven that the Western liberalistic narrative can no longer prevail in the East or West, and more and more people have realized the trend.

Chinese and Western narrative powers are now experiencing "a period of transition," Zhang said.

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I hate christianity. The colonial disease and tool of supression on our shores during the 19th century. Out with that disease.
@Appix bro A former catholic here, the teaching is okay like all religion what is detestable is they don't practice what they preach. And since the Philippine is a catholic nation its pervasive and is imposed to you the day you were born. You need a baptismal to enter School, if you want to marry you need a church certificate to affirm your vowed and when you die you need a priest to administer your and Christianity is much worse caused they're persistence and can't take NO for an answer but on the good side they hate Catholicism with a passion and its great cause they're fighting each other opening, disgruntling the masses opening the way for new thinking which is Atheism and Buddhism.