China need a new geopolitical Doctrine ?

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It means others have much less power or no power again to restrain you manoeuvring. When it comes to IC chips and chip making equipment, it is obvious that the United States is trying to prevent China and by extension Chinese companies from accessing the most advanced chips and equipment from the rest of the world. It has gotten companies in Japan, Netherlands, and Taiwan to stop or reduce their dealings with China or particular Chinese companies blacklisted by the United States, for example. Now, because China and Chinese companies are presently not capable of producing the most advanced chips and equipment that they want and need, it is a setback. Once China is capable of doing so in areas of tech that the United States does not wish China to have such advanced tech, then the United States has lost power because it can longer prevent China as it wishes to.

Yes, that means US lost power against China not US is necessary losing.


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Yaa, I love American "analysts " .
Watching your heart felt emotion for Chinese people under mass censorship, I almost cried.
We know Chinese people demand freedom from xinping, they want to live under free leadership of fake Americans. They all love American p--nhub culture. They love to be free like Syrians, Afghans, Libyans, Iraqis. For that they need very cute Americans.

So I have a megaplan, The deal of the century.

As we have seen , Americans are getting increasingly worried about Chinese people, I am proposing that, The United States should be handed over to Chinese peoples ,in return China will be democracy.

I think this is a fair deal since I can't watch worried Americans getting heart attack being worried about someone else.

Of course, this deal starts with lucrative offer of Chinese democracy at very beginning.
I am asking for a vote from Chinese people ,how many want The United States not of America to be dissolved & integrated into China as The United States of China.

In the end, I thank you for the pure heart felt concern about Chinese people. You have no geo political goal. Your feeling for Chinese people is so innocent & pure. I am sure you are going to make this sacrifice for oppressed & censored Chinese people.

We thank you for your sacrifice.
I think he is India fanboy who lost in this thread, thinking this thread is like India-twitter, let he think whatever he like.
All these to finally do a turnaround. Lol
New debate strategy, eh? If you can't refute the points, just go against English and interpret them to mean something else.
Desperate? lol.
Since all this time you are in theatrical show and fanboyism. After being a little more educated you talk now about desperation. You are the one so desperaing to see US losing tech so that China tech independance have a sense of value for you.
Yes, you are desperate with your unfounded, indefensible claims which may not mean what we think because it is often revealed that you don't understand the English words you use. I had used "desperate" to describe the US from the first post; if you think it is new, perhaps it is a new word that you learned.

Chinese tech ascension to roll-back and sometimes already defeat America's lead is ubiquitous and easy to see; desperation to see it is like a man lost at sea desperate to see water, or in your case, desperate to pretend that he does not see water. And only people who are strategically brain-dead would fail to see the importance of China's technological independence... It's particularly ironic when it happens to a person who claims to be some analyst of IR/PR. One can only expect your skills there to be of equal quality.
Yes, that means US lost power against China not US is necessary losing.
In a competition, that's obviously the same thing.
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What was a lie? We can go at it one line item at a time. Not everyone who opposes king jinpings world takeover works for the cia some of us are just regular people who don't see china making the world better for regular people. So what about my statements do you disagree with? Or are you wumou or whatever the 50cent army in china is called? I know there are millions of them employed as full time censors. There is enough communism and censorship in the west as it is we don't need china adding more. China's strategy should be to sit down and chill out. Stop stealing and bullying and prevent war. This is just distraction for average chinese from their problems.
Everything you said was a lie as you clearly have no comprehension of what China is. In these 70 years, Chinese quality of living and per capita GDP/wages compounded so many folds you couldn't could. China has lifted more people out of poverty than any other country in the world, especially India with a similar population but a democratic system. Its cities are the most modern and bustling in the world, transformed from slums. Chinese freedoms are far superior to those in the US; the police brutality seen here is unimaginable to the Chinese, though Americans living in a bubble imagine worse in China. Chinese citizen approval for their government is unified has never been higher with the handling of COVID (I think 86%), compared to an America that is always at ideological war between democrats and republicans. Chinese citizens pride themselves on China's success, from making new inventions to fortifying, creating new territories. You think we are not average Chinese? LOLOL Average Chinese like us would overthrow a Chinese president who does not defend China's international interests including every inch of territory from the ROC to the SCS to the border with India. But Americans are stuck thinking that Chinese people don't care; they just want more comfortable living. Well, do Americans care if parts of the US get given away or conquered? If you do, what makes you think that the Chinese don't have as much or more pride in their nation and national identity than you? It's a classic case of thinking as you are taught over thinking with logic.


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Pure unadulterated propaganda by our 'impartial' BBC. Producing this garbage from inside 'Xinjing'. So China's treatments on the uyghurs is so inhumane, it breaks every international laws on human rights, yet some how, a prisoner is able to have a mobile phone and be able to film and send it out to the world. The contradiction is laughable!

Anyway I think this guy debunk it better than me.

Via Dennis Etler: "Hahaha. Yeah right. This guy is in a high security "detention center" has a cell phone that goes undetected and he's able to charge it so the battery doesn't go dead. That seems rather incredible. If not, I wish I had a cell phone with such a long-lasting battery. And he's able to somehow send messages and videos from his secure cell without any hindrance! So, he obviously has an account with a Chinese internet provider while he's in prison as well? If not this guy is really something. Wish I had a cellphone with those capabilities! Oh, the account of his experience sounds very realistic. For sure,. As if there are not libraries full of hundreds of thousands of works of fiction that sound very realistic. GMAFB. Besides all that, it turns out that he has a drug conviction. In the US, until recently, that would get you 5 to 10 years if you were the wrong color. And besides, he's communicating with an uncle who fled China because he was instigating separatism when terror attacks in Xinjiang were escalating? Oh, I forgot. He just happens to find an official document on the bathroom floor. How any thinking person can take this nonsense at face value is beyond me."
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This is rich " And with Xinjiang currently experiencing a
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in the number of coronavirus infections, the dirty and crowded conditions he describes highlight the serious risk of contagion posed by this kind of mass detention during a global pandemic. " . The US gets 50k cases a day and the gov says "no big deal"


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China as it is today is barely 70 years old since they destroyed their own culture as I understand it. And it's been a rocky 70 years. Other nations leaders may get chinese money but what do normal people get from chinese expansion? Communism and an orwellian police state and social credit score? Mass censorship? Chinese don't have freedom or wealth except for the upper class so they don't even do communism right since I thought the point was for everyone to be equal and get rid of classes. China's salami slicing was going to get noticed and piss everyone off at some point I'm surprised it tool this long. Now china's rise on easy mode is over and they are watched and thwarted far more than before. There is no sign of this trend ending. I think king Xi got to confident and thought nobody would ever stand up to him and now he has an alliance against him he can't beat and is still stuck in the first island chain. I don't think chinese want war for some islands and the ability to take others resources.

Countries don't get powerful because of outside nations support them getting powerful. Countries get powerful because of structural strengths that causes that power to rise. These structural factors could be big population, natural resources, a society that is fully united an don't have too many divisions due to ethnic or religious factors. When these factors exist then a country can develop its economy and spend money on research into newer technology. When people of that country becomes rich, they have more money to spend on things like entertainment, which creates a bigger market for entertainers to develop themselves. Talented people who probably would not join the entertainment business start to do so because now they have a viable market. This creates higher quality cultural and entertainment products.

When countries become rich and powerful they have more money to spend outside their own country for entertainment, investment and leisure. People of those outside countries start to notice this and naturally move in directions to get more money. So, they might learn their language, or focus on learning their culture.

When a country get rich and powerful, people naturally and automatically start to be friendly with them just so that they can use that power for their own benefits. Ideas and political groups that were suppressed by countries that were formally more powerful start to appeal to them for support so that they no longer have to suppressed.

A country that is rich and powerful will naturally have supporters who will look at the political and governance of that system and think the reason that country got rich is because their governance system is good. Maybe our country should have the same system and we will prosper.

This is how a country gets powerful and popular. This is how a country gets soft power. Soft power and popularity is nothing but hard power that is available and being applied for a long time.

Western thought, western entertainment industry and western political system is popular and dominant because they have been the countries with most hard power for almost 3 centuries now. They were the richest countries for a long time and had the viable market to develop a solid entertainment industry with high quality product. Everyone else were colonized or mostly rural and poor and didn't have the luxury to develop an entertainment industry.

Western language is popular because again they have been the richest and most powerful countries for 3 centuries. People of other countries learn english not because its somehow the magic language, its because for the last 200 years most of the business came from British and Americans who spoke english. If you wanted to get rich you had to learn English.

Western politicial system that democracy is popular again because people think if they use democracy it will make their country better because western countries are so rich and they use democracy.

A strong and rich China will naturally have soft power in all these aspects just by that hard power alone. Its all about having that money and power and having that power for a long time. A rich China that is able to remain rich for 200 years will utterly dominate soft power in many parts of the world. A rich China that is able to remain rich and united for 400 years will absolutely eliminate all western soft power and the Chinese culture, language and political thought will dominate.

So why does China does not have these aspects now? Cause even 10 years ago they were nothing in terms of GDP and wealth. They have not applied their power long enough. But even now you are seeing drastic changes. Countries that were opressed by US and the west are now starting to rely on Chinese support. Hezbullah and Iran, who never considered China now think it is their lifeline against western onslaught.

There is a lot inertia before a train gets moving. You just have to apply force long enough and it will get faster and faster. Chinese wealth and power is that force that will change mental inertia in the minds of the world. Every year China will get more popular and more respected.

Will that mean people who are the curent ruling class will hate China? ofcourse. The west and countries that rule certain regions will absolutely hate China. So, countries like India, which rules South Asia hates China. EU also hates China because Chinese power is causing their dominance to fall.

But on the other hand countries that are under the suppression of the ruling class love China. Pretty all muslim countries love China because for them their biggest enemy is the western domination. China is a natural ally for them to fight that domination.

African countries, Latin American countries also love China so that they have a viable alternative to American and European power and market.

So, in conclusion, China doesn't need to be nice to be popular. they just have to be powerful and maintain that power for another century or two. That is enough to make them extremely popular, respected and worth emulating.


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Anyway, back to the main topic with some thoughts below on the next few months.
  1. Trump believes he is going to lose in the upcoming elections, but Trump will also do anything to be re-elected.

  2. One winning strategy would be to become a *wartime* President which forces everyone to rally around him and ensures Trump's reelection. We've already seen Trump launch cruise missiles at Syria to *impress* the Chinese President at dinner in Florida. And Bill Clinton welcomed the Kosovo War which he turned into a huge media event prior to the elections.

  3. So the tougher the US gets with its *enemies* like Iran, China, North Korea, Russia - the more likely Trump is to be reelected.

  4. We now see the US deliberately trying to provoke China with numerous actions, because the US can't be seen to be at fault for starting something. We also see mysterious explosions happening all over Iran in the past weeks.
So what should Chinese strategy be?
  1. Trump is at his most dangerous over the next 3months up to the elections. Afterwards, the situation will be more rational.

  2. Trump likely welcomes a *short, victorious war* against an easy target. Syria and Iran had really better watch out. China less so.

  3. China should under no circumstances provide any excuses for more actions.
    It means China has to act rationally and proportionate, and hold back on its responses, to demonstrate that it is the US which is at fault.

  4. It is vitally important that Trump has to be seen as the aggressor by the American people and also other countries in the world.
    That will demonstrate to the world that the US is a dangerous, irresponsible and irrational hegemon.
    And this will hasten the decline of the American Empire and prevent an anti-China alliance from forming.
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