China Flanker Thread II


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All images are high resolution.

An unobstructed view of J-11B with the new radome.

From the same TV segment, hardened aircraft shelters.

Great, since it proves that at least the J-11B in front has the serial number '61025' and as such is from the first Brigade. For the J-11BG it looks like '61222' (?).

J-11B 61025 - 1. Brigade + J-11BG 61222 - 1 part.jpg J-11BG 61222 - 1. Brigade.JPG

As for the HAS I'm confused, since they don't fit Anshan, where the 1st Brigade is based.


That is not absolutely true. Google "Mig-31"
MiG-31 has a PESA named 'Zaslon' not an AESA.

On the flip side, not having a pitot tube is no indication of an AESA. JF-17, F/A-18C/D don't have AESA at the same time they don't have the pitot tube either.


Mitsubishi F-2 has an AESA but also has a small pitot tube


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Would having a pitot tube mean it does not have an AESA radar?
Absolutely no connection at all. Pitot tube is used to measure air speed. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't have one. The plane should have one somewhere because it is essential.