China Flanker Thread II


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    J-11B yellow primer fine 2.jpg
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Here is another one which I just found in
A J-11 is taking off or landing at an airport at Shengyang.


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It looks like it maybe the same J-11B or one belonging to the same batch as Deino's picture. The pattern on the primer has been different from previous J-11s and J-11B prototypes. This maybe a definitive version. If they are testing and verifying in Shenyang now rather than in the CFTC, then this is strong indication of more progress on the plane, probably in serial production and in an initial deployment stage.

Do note that Deino's J-11B picture has the mysterious pod-array-missile that has been seen on a J-8F testbed.


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I am quite sure about the location of the second pic. The chinese characters on the building is 'Shengyang Public Tumor hospital'.


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Practicing landing on an AC?
It looks like that China is really close to have one soon