China Coast Guard and Patrol vessels


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I remember when the rumour first came out that China coast would get 2 x 12,000 there was a buzz of excitement

Now they are both out and on patrol

Still think that central exhaust funnel is too big though
If you look at it from the top, I don't think there is anyway to make it any smaller. Besides, it is also partially optical illusion that makes it look big. If you have superstructures built around it, it will look much smaller, but that is just cosmetic, not functional matters.


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Rumored the world's fastest China Coast Guard [aka Haikuai No 1] launched at a Guangzhou Shipyard....had undergone the first sea trial..
Some vital statistics..can accommodate a Z9, length 146 m, width 27 m, around 3000 ton, powered by 4 jet propulsion units..



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This ship, called "Hai Kuai (Sea Speed or Sea Fast) No.1", is a yard private venture, a concept vessel for testing waterjet propulsion for larger vessels. It is not clear if it will ever be taken over by the Coast Guard or if more of them will be built.
The ship is not 146 m long, only 110 m.