China Coast Guard and Patrol vessels


The stern door of the new Coast Guard vessels based on 054A's hull. I'm pretty sure there is launching ramp behind that door.

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Strange, why is the CCG color strip of 2201 all in blue? Also have they change the pennant number again? The 3 type 053H2G transferred to CCG were numbered 31239, 31240 and 31241. The 4th ship was sold to Sri Lanka navy.
It looks red to me from where I sit. I agree with the view that its just the lighting in that picture.


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but my inquiry was which model of gun was installed to replace the 4 x Type 76A dual-37 mm AA guns, which were left on board when they were transferred to the Chinese Coast Guard
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These are apparently Type 87 25 mm twin mounts, as are often used on Army ships.
That's why the fire control radar is now missing, as this weapon is probably only aimed optical/electronically.
By the way, new RHIBs have also come on board.