China Ballistic Missiles and Nuclear Arms Thread


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China could also go full scorched-earth and make space full of debris to knock out all space assets from all countries

Instead of having an explosive warhead, it could have 10000 small steel balls (shotgun style) and explode them into the upper space.

Make it x1000s missiles with calculations of where to ideally explode each missile for best coverage and you got the recipe of completely destroying everything that is in orbit

After all, China already has communication drones which can act as sensor nodes so it can partially fill the sat roles

To summarise, I see this move as completely destroying US capabilities while greatly harming China. Net positive to China (war is going to be closer to its shores, more options to replace satellite roles by airborne means)

Side effects include stopping human's civilization advancement into space for dozens of years, but this should be an acceptable price to win such a war against a belligerent US
But wouldn't such scorched-earth policy turn other space users like Russia and EU against China?


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But wouldn't such scorched-earth policy turn other space users like Russia and EU against China?
If the situation turns so bad that China has to go with such a strategy then these things wouldnt matter that much

Its not like they would lose that much. Its all hardware and some astronauts (emergency landing in time of war).
Russia and China are friends. EU is useless in military affairs. If China managed to win against the US, the EU would roll over the next minute

Its all part of a gain-risk calculation.if it has a net positive then thats ok

Anyway, this is getting offtopic, I am just saying that with enough imagination you can find some unorthodox methods to deal with an enemy


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"And Chinese officials have consistently rejected the idea of entering arms control talks, shutting down such suggestions by noting — accurately — that the United States and Russia each have deployed five times more nuclear warheads than Beijing possesses."

Even when they pretend to concede the "fact" that the US has much more nuclear warheads than China, they still try to manipulate the words and numbers. In fact, the US has more than twenty times more nuclear warheads than China. Period. The choice of word "deployed" is deceiving and manipulative. The distinction between warheads deployed and warheads in possession is meaningless here. This is before one even considers that American experts believe that China separates its nuclear warheads and missiles normally.

This playing innocence and moral high-ground is sickening.

They haven't since solid-fueled ICBM's become the norm as it would be impractical due canisterization.


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1993 NASA doc on releasing payload at hypersonic speed
Again, some people who can't bear to see their home team fall behind trying to bring up old papers and models to show "See, we have looked into this. No biggie." NASA may have been on it once upon a time. I'm pretty sure USSR/Russia had been on it too back then; the research papers now rotting under a leaking poorly funded lab somewhere (considering that they actually deployed a FOBS and low throw weight and duration of flight were a small concern for them).

But have these countries tested atleast a prototype?
The two papers he touts talks about ground tests in a wind tunnel (not the whole system but just the detaching component).

This from Chris Comb, who seem to be coping to the news so hard, he accuses (covertly) that China copied !
Show me a similar test to the Chinese one. Until then, dismissed. And the professor gets a D for the effort.


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At this point it’s only a matter of time before western ‘experts’ start to reference sci-fi movies and shows to ‘prove’ that China ‘stole’ their ideas as China continues to pull further and further ahead in terms of tech and innovation.

Western haters have their head so high up their ass, they are just regurgitating some of flimsy truths into a huge lie to satiate their huge butt hurt as China hurdles to become a Second Superpower while US goes to shit. They can stew in their own echo chamber and circle jerk, just like how Rome and British empire died, they were delusional and out-of-touch with reality until it was too late.