China Ballistic Missiles and Nuclear Arms Thread

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If japan and taiwan develop nuclear weapon, all nation will follow including iran, saudi arabia, Indonesia, and many other countries.US nuclear hegemon will be threatened because if japan and taiwan has nuke, then they doesn't need protection from US. US will be useless in asia pacific and no more superpower status.US conventional arm sales will be decline too.
Precisely. People fails to understand that.

Security selling is US's primary business. If countries like Japan, SK or TIOC get nukes, ba bye US.


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China could nuke Taiwan with little to no warning and it won't take much. They charge China will start the war. If that happens Taiwan's retaliatory nuke and conventional capability will be little to none. So to make Taiwan's nukes count, they would have to start the war. Are they going to have enough to stop China from a retaliatory strike on them? No. Taiwan is small. China can annihilate Taiwan from existence whether it's Taiwan or China that starts the war. Like I said in another thread a small country with nukes against China would be useless unless they used them first out of nowhere. So why risk that by having nukes? Either way Taiwan ceases to exist. Taiwanese are not in the business of sacrificing themselves so the world will go after China. They believe like all Asian allies of the US that Americans will be fighting and dying in their war for them. Do you think someone so selfish is going increase the risk to their own lives by possessing nukes when the US will do the job for them? They want the US and China to go at it and see who'll outlast the other and that's the side who Asia will suck up to. That's how the US's Asian allies think. You know why Asian countries like the US better than China? It's not because Americans are more moral and ethical than China. They know they can manipulate Americans into doing their bidding by exploiting things like American racism. All Asians because of nationalism know it's not as easy to manipulate other Asians than it is to manipulate Americans. How dumb are you to believe the US wanting you have nukes is for your own protection. No it's a sign the US isn't coming to your rescue and want you to do the deed so the US doesn't face a retaliatory strike from China.
In the event of war, any asian nation that chooses neutrality in what is obviously a race war instigated by white supremacist anglos, will themselves have to answer for their infidelity.
Even Walter Frey ended up with his just desserts.


China responded to Pompeo.

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Having a large nuclear arsenal is expensive. So they think inferior China has one and is able to invest so much on technology and infrastructure at the same time that the US seems to have trouble doing? Yes I'm sure what's fair to them is the US can have as many nukes as it wants while China can have none. This is like when the US said why does China need such a large navy when the US will protect the sea lanes? Let's trust the fox guarding the hen house.


From Yomiuri shinbum confirming that the Chinese ASBM test in August hit moving merchant ship according to unnamed US military official
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Chinese "aircraft carrier killer" missile, launch experiment on a ship in flight ... 2 hits?​

2021/01/13 05:00
 [Beijing = Takayuki Nakagawa, Washington = Kazuhiko Makita] The inside of the Chinese army that the Chinese army was targeting a ship in flight during the launch test of an anti-ship ballistic missile in the South China Sea in August 2020. A known source has revealed. Senior U.S. military officials have acknowledged this fact. There are multiple testimonies that two missiles, also known as "aircraft carrier killer," hit the ship, and in fact pose a threat to the US military deploying aircraft carriers around China.

 The launch test was conducted on August 26, in the waters between Hainan Province and the Paracel Islands. According to people familiar with the matter, one "Dongfeng (DF) 26B" (range: about 4000 km) was launched first from Qinghai Province in the inland area, targeting an old merchant ship that had been automatically navigated unmanned. A few minutes later, one "DF21D" (with a range of over 1500 km) was launched from Zhejiang Province in the east. The two missiles "struck the ship almost at the same time and sank."

 Another source testified that two missiles had hit a merchant ship, and said that it "showed off the Chinese missile capabilities" to US military reconnaissance aircraft and Aegis ships deployed around the sea area. It is believed that this is the first time that the Chinese military has conducted a launch test on a moving target in the South China Sea. It shows that the surveillance system such as reconnaissance satellites that capture the position of the ship and the accuracy of missiles are steadily improving.