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While your at it dont forget a large asteriod or meteriod strike... or super solar flare that acts like EMP while its high noon in the USA and nighttime in China, etc
Well a massive blizzard that has done a serious number to the Texan grid have quite recently, this is something that shouldn't have ever happened, especially not to Texas. As of now, I cannot help but feel increasingly more scared as to what is in store for the world.


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We are looking at potentially the beginning of the end for the dollar.

A dollar index going down indicates inflation. This is evidenced by recent rise in commodity prices.
A bond yield/interest rate increase indicates fear of inflation.

Bond yield usually runs counter to the dollar index, but not recently.

What this means is that increasing yield might be the only thing holding the dollar together.

If the Fed buys up bonds to lower the yield to save the markets, the dollar index will tank.

Fed is trapped.


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Here’s a phrase that characterizes the current USA

“premium mediocre”

Premium mediocre American Democracy is like premier "good-enough" democracy.
Sound about right.

China is so going to overtake and leave the dust behind america in the Democracy race.
Already people in China are more positive and more satisfied about their future and their lives.