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Tyrant King
Blech. Is this for African countries?
Africa, Latin America, parts of Eastern Europe and Asia. Not everyone can afford the latest wears from the US, Europe Russia and China.
If you are an Army with tanks vs an army without this is a huge edge. If you are an army facing off against world war 2 Centurion tanks this is an advantage. Even if all you are worried about is other T55 based tanks.

But there is so much difference between this generation and the one after it that relying on something a tank like this is sheer folly. The fire control system is antiquated and it takes way too long to identify and hit a target. Heck, even the generation after this one is obsolete
Not really.
Gen 1 MBT are tanks designed after the end of the Second World War.

Gen 2 tanks added some ability to fight at night and some NBC system option.

Gen 3 is composite armor and a computerized fire control system.

Gen 3 advanced and 4th gen are still incomplete with no real fixed features that stand them apart but most are upgrades of existing tanks with digital command systems provisions to use guided munitions and many have the option of a APS.

There is nothing that says a tank cannot be built in one Gen and upgrades up. In fact many are. M47 Paton is a Gen 1, M60 Paton is a gen 2 Sabra, Magach and Phoenix take the Patton tank to a gen 3 perhaps even Gen 3 advanced. T54 and T55 are consider first gen MBT, T55AM is consider a second gen, TR 85 is considered a third gen. Yet all are T54 based designs.

Also just because it’s technology is obsolete doesn’t mean it’s not able to still make a difference on the battlefield. Two and a half examples.
In World War Two tank lovers fawn over the Tigers, the Panther but those were late war tanks that emerged as Germany started to loose. The Tanks that conquered Poland, Czechoslovakia and France were Panzers I, II, III and IV. Which against British and French tanks shouldn’t have won by the specs. What those tanks lacked though was Commanders who could employ them and an ability to get orders on the move. So the British and French tanks are left abandoned and burning by the side of the road.

Example two Israel Six day war. The Israelis face off against some of the advanced tanks of the age with world war 2 relics. Their tank crews had learned to use those tanks aggressively and even though they were facing on the specs of some superior tanks and some equal tanks they still used what they had and played to their strengths.
A good tank crew who knows there weapon system can against a lesser trained crew even with a superior tank hold their own.
This particularly repeats in the October war as T62 is on the seen, and although the Israelis have improved their tanks many were still in World War Two era tanks.