2022 Zhuhai Airshow Land Systems


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In future, please post the images as attachments or as images on a different host instead of directly linking from twitter. If a twitter account or tweet is deleted, then we lose it.

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Here, the NORINCO export catalog in collage form to save screen real estate.



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The "Smart Eye" man-portable artillery reconnaissance and guidance system. It has two components: 1. The artillery reconnaissance kit used by forward observers, compact enough to be carried in a backpack (first image); 2. The artillery guidance terminal used to direct fire and program smart munitions (second image).

The forward observer, upon spotting the enemy, uses a tripod-mounted surveying instrument to acquire the satellite positioning coordinates of the enemy position. The coordinates are automatically beamed via satellite to the artillery guidance terminals, which are then used by the artillery troops to aim their guns and program satellite-guided artillery and mortar shells.

The system enables very fast reaction time. It takes less than a minute from acquiring the coordinates to firing the guns, and the accuracy is within 1/10 of a meter.