2019 National Day Military Parade


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Why was the 04 IFV not shown in the TV coverage of the parade? There's literally one shot with it, a very wide shot where the vehicles are barely visible. And no close ups at all, unlike pretty much all other systems paraded.


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96 is a heavy MBT, but for mass production. Type 15 is a light tank.

They don't bring out all the toys, then the parade will never end


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Type 96 was also absent at the 2017 PLA anniversary review/parade and the 2015 Victory Day parade. I think they only want to show the latest and greatest or new developments for each equipment category.


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I don't know if any of ya ever watch a Youtube channel call Binkov's Battleground, but it covered the major important new weapons that's was on the parade. It's a pretty interesting take.

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