056 class FFL/corvette

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Looks like Shugart might have noticed it under construction at Dalian back in August.

Honestly I thought a Visby or Pr.22160 was making a port visit at first. If the estimate of 1500-3000t is correct, 056 successor seems like a good bet. Going through twitter looks like none of the usual people have found a good match with models shown off at defence expos.
More from @tshugart3 on Twitter:


Which is an obvious step-up from the 056A in terms of size and displacement. Could be an entirely new ship class instead of being just a 056A-upgrade.

Also, just a word of caution here for everyone: Considering that this warship is largely expected to be capable of sailing at very high speeds (30+ knots), kindly do not anticipate this warship to be heavily armed like their Russian counterparts.
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