055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread

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Interesting. I presume that would be the designated code name for the next block of either the type 052 or type 055 program.

I personally think that it is for the 052 program
He mentioned "next generation", not "next block", though.

I'm thinking of a new class of ships, not new blocks of the same ship class, according to his description.

Do correct me if I'm mistaken on this.


Ain't the 058 being a minesweeper class?

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Although the 058 minesweepers only has 4 members, and they all have been retired in the early 2010s.

Whether the PLAN will reuse the same designation number (058) for their next-generation destroyer class is still a question mark.
Current code for minesweepers are type 08X, as in type 081 and type 082. Type 05X is currently reserved for frigates and destroyers. (type 056 is classified as light frigate). The old 058 code for minesweeper is no longer applicable for minesweepers.


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101-104, a side view comparison:
View attachment 88102
It seems that some of the electronic warfares are not installed yet in 104.

Their electronic warfare suite are complete. But only 101 has additional satcoms, and it may already have more. Note that 101 has the two circular satcoms in front of the second funnel and a new satcom on the rear of the second funnel. 102 and 103 already has the two circular satcoms installed but the third satcom has not been installed. 104 does not have any of the additional satcoms installed but you can expect it will be remedied soon.


The original poster said this is the 8th unit.



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Consider that the slc-7 radar was marketed in 2015. The 055 class has been built since 2014, and the 346b and slc-7 are both products of the 14th Research Institute. It is reasonable to believe that the 346b and X-band radars on the 055 also use GAN material TRM.
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