052C/052D Class Destroyers

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For what is worth, Jiangnan is building a dedicated onshore boiler testing facility. This facility will allegedly be used to verify the steam supply system of China's carrier nuclear reactors. The test boilers will be able to generate enough steam and steam pressure to test the bearing capacity of various pipes and valves as well as the steam turbines destined for the nuclear carrier.


Going back earlier, in May of 2020, the top leadership of Jiangnan shipyard paid a visit to Bohai shipyard to conduct detailed exchanges on product development and personnel training, etc. The visit follows up on earlier exchanges between the two shipyards.

Of course, Bohai has a lot of experience building nuclear-powered submarines. Jiangnan has no experience with nuclear power plants.



Interestingly, Fujian docked next to it. You can see chimneys and steam pipes.



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How about turning that 052C into a 052D? Would that make sense in terms of cost effectiveness?

Why that 052C in particular?

In and case, refitting 052Cs to a 052D accurately for 1 to 1 subsystems is not worth it. Too structurally complex. The physical structural differences between the two classes makes it impractical, period.

However a refit of 052Cs where some subsystems are replaced with 052D subsystems or more modern subsystems without substantial structural changes, may be viable or possible.


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The first pair of 052Cs are actually older than the 051Cs. Could be as simple as that.

The Type 051C is one of them ship types with the steam turbines. I am surprised they even upgraded the ones they did. Like 051 and Sovs.

The 051Cs are likely gone when the next batch of 055 are made, their pennants 115 and 116 transferred to 055. The next eight 055 will likely take the pennants 109 to 116, replacing both 112 and 113, which are the two 052, and 115 and 116, which are the two 051C.