Z-8 and Z-18 transport helicopter - family & versions


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Another much clearer image of the Z-8X/AC313A iron-bird showing that the engine nacelle is very much different to the Z-8L.

(Image via 柳成梁/FB)

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I must admit and even if I know all reports so far say, this is a civil variant, my feeling tells me, this is the next PLAN Marine Corps helicopter.
@Deino Sir from the photo a new engine? or using WZ10 the engine use for Z20 for commonality ? instead of 3 maybe 2? taking its que or inspiration from Sikorsky S92.


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China has does a great job modernizing its helicopter designs. All they need now is to crank the production up.
This helicopter also has fly-by-wire like Z-20. Much more advanced than most of the current US helicopter fleet.


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Just a nice image.



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If I'm not mistaken, then this is not the AC313A static test airframe but the real PT01 prototype, which is using three WZ-10 engines.

Also interesting, according to a post by vincent at the CDF:

Interesting bits of info from 施佬

Z-8, Z-8A、J、JA、JH、S versions used WZ-6A engines (1640 horsepower)
  • Z-8K、KA、KH、WJS、B versions are using PT6B-67A engines (1448kw, 1968 horsepower), composite rotor blades, new avionics
  • Z-8G, L and various Z-18 versions are using PT6B-67A engines (1448kw, 1968 horsepower), redesigned fuselage, lots of composite material used, FADEC, upgraded avionics and reduction gears
  • AC313A is designed with WZ-10 engines (1600k, 2175 horsepower), different engine and reduction gears placements to improve power efficiencies.
  • Z-8C (for 075 LHDs) are equipped with WZ-6C
PLA is in the process of replacing existing fleet that use the PT6B-67A engine with WZ-6C engines to reduce dependency on foreign tech. WZ-6C’s power is about 10% less.

PT6B-67A gotten off existing fleet will be used for parts to support the Z-8G (高) and Z-8L fleet.

I was hoping Z-8L will be mass produced. Damn. PLAGF will have to wait for the completion of AC313A for the mass production of 13-ton class helicopters.

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(Image via 柳成梁/FB)

Z-8X AC3131A PT01 - 20220112.jpg
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