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A155mm on a Attack chopper is only practical in Command and Conquer video games.
the US had a concept to mount a 105mm canon on a chopper. However that was on a CH47 Chinook which has a hell of a lot more payload than Z10. That was based off the XM204 Howitzer system that used a soft recoil not found on the Chinese 155mm guns.


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I think integrating a 155mm gun on the z10 is essential. Speed, agility of helicopters and firepower - the damage of 155 mm guns, Z-10 will be a nightmare for the enemy.
Did you ever check what such a gun weights and what load capability the Z-10 gas ... or whg not even installing a photon-torpedoe laucher?

Pardon, but this is utterly ridiculous, plain stupid and simply pure BS. Please consider SDF is NOT a stupid fan boy forum. As such either please think before you post, or betterstop posting and learn.


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I think we have had enough fun. Let me just round this out by saying that the HE warhead on an average 155mm shell and some ATGMs is roughly the same. Ergo my answer No not possible and why bother.


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A WZ-10 attack helicopter attached to an army aviation brigade under the PLA 72nd Group Army fires rockets at mock sea targets during a live-fire training exercise on April 28, 2020. The training exercise mainly focused on subjects including maritime assault and defense at ultra-low altitude, round-the-clock live-fire operation and others. (eng.chinamil.com.cn/ Photo by Zhang Huanpeng)


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