Yuan Class AIP & Kilo Submarine Thread





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Finally, Thailand always takes so long to finalize for any procurement or projects.
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Meanwhile, Adm Choengchai said on Friday that he had approved the use of the Chinese-made CHD620 engine as a substitute for a German-made one for an S26T Yuan-class submarine being assembled in China by...
Yeah, saw this also. Pretty big deal. At end of the day, these decisions have political element and it looks like the new govt will continue pro china policies

If you want to be optimistic, this may open the way to entire Thai military to use Chinese gear (like in Pakistan military)


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I remember there was a discussion regarding full battery based AIP SSK some time ago because Japan is doing so. At the time people were concerned of safty issue of Li-on type.

From the same paper that I quoted in CV-18 thread regarding the arrester, there is another chapter talking about PLAN's choice of Li-on battery.
The purpose of this application is for rail gun. But the article does emphasize that PLAN choose Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) type for safety consideration. So it is clear that in case PLAN decide to go "Japanese way AIP" they would use LFP.


Another interesting thing is that, Ma Weiming claims that it is USN "copying" PLAN's footstep in taking the same solution (battery+super-capacitor) in their rail gun. Of course, copy is a wrong word as engineers will reach the same conclusion if the application has the same demand, so I put quotation mark around it. But I must put this word "copy" up because I have seen too many times that the word was used on China literally whenever China came up with something similar to US.

Background, USN initially used flywheel in place of battery.