What military equipment have you actually seen?


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Most of what I have seen would be the Type-22/23 frigates and Type-42 destroyers. Also the odd Tornado.

I'd dearly like to see one of the Darings fully fitted out. :)


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i've been on the kiev. i can show you pictures if any of you want to see itB/c it's really close to my home town teda tianjin. i've seen mig 29s, Su27,mig19,j9.mil17.mil8,F-117,c-130,c5,f16/15/18,j-7,j-8.mig15.j5. type 051 luda, yak 141,countless small arms,leopard1 and 2, type96/98 pretty much all of the PLA tanks and armored personnel carriers,apache helicopters, black hawks, numerous WWII vintage figher and bombers,HQ2 missiles, J-10, il76. good majority of the PLA artillery,USS midway, , SNJ Texan
A-4C Skyhawk.F-14 Tomcat,F9F Panther,RA-5 Vigilante,F8 Crusader,A-6 IntruderACorsairF-4S Phantom,E-2C Hawkeye,UH-1 Huey,SH-2 SeaspriteC-1A TraderT-2C BuckeyeS-3 Viking,F-4N Phantom,SH-3 Sea King,T72,sherman,chruchill tank
H-46 Seaknight can't think of anymore right on the top of my head.i'll put more on as i remember some more
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yifyif, Where did you see all the US military equipment? Where did you see F-117? I saw one at the NAS Miramar air show in San Diego several times...I was stationed there. I was also on the USS Midway many, many years ago....

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Back in the 80s and nineties I had the pleasure of touring both Invincible and Ark Royal as well as Argus several times (never got onto Illustrious though, one day I'll have the full set!), some type 42s, some Leanders, practically everything that visited RAF Fairford for RIAT in 1995 and 2002, and when I was growing up in the 7os I lived under the flightpath of a lot of RAF types on their way to practice ranges in Cumbria and Scotland, so I'm very familiar with the undersides of Tornados and Jaguars!


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yifyif, Where did you see all the US military equipment? Where did you see F-117? I saw one at the NAS Miramar air show in San Diego several times...I was stationed there. I was also on the USS Midway many, many years ago....
f-117 edmonton international air show. ANd the majority of the american air craft i saw was on the USS midway and some in edmonton international arishow


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Up until recently I had lived in Tucson, Arizona for most of my life and theres an AF base called Davis Monthan. A whole lotta F-16's and A-10's everyday routinely, and the occasional C-17 looking cargo plane. You would always see the A-10's flying out towards a particular direction with bombs loaded and then return without any so I figured there must have been a training site of some sort not too far away.

Just outside of Davis Monthan is what I have come to know as the "airplane graveyard." Supposedly the biggest Air Force junkyard in the US, where they go and take all the electronics, engines and weapons etc off of retired war birds of ALL types from the Vietnam era to today. We would always drive by on the way to my Grandmothers house and you would see F-4, F-105, F-111, F-14,F-16 and A-10 all just sitting out there next to big piles of chopped up B-52s and other big transport aircraft. And yes, I said chopped up. They have this HUGE metal Gullotine type thing attached to a crane that theYuse to chop up old B-52s into four or five peices, and it's cool to watch but I hate to see the most successful bomber aircarft ever created just turned into scrap metal after serving it's country for 50+ years.

That, however, is not the coolest thing I ever saw down in Tucson. When I was in 5th grade my class took a feild trip to the Pima County Air and Space Museum, and there you could see everything from the best of what the US has to MiGS and every other mentionable plane in US history. But what caught my eye was this little old hangar off to the side by itself away from the main tour area. I asked our guide if there was anything special in that hangar and he kinda smiled and nodded but said nothing of it and continued the tour. Just when I think were gonna leave without me figureing out what was in there, the tour guide suddenly says we had one more exhibit to see before wrapping up the tour. And sure enough when he said that he made eye contact with me again and smiled, I knew it was gonna be something REALLY cool and I sure wasn't dissappointed.

Once we started making our way towards the little out of the way hangar, the doors that were closed had been opened almost as if it weren't supposed to be on the tour for that day, but thankfully my curiosity got the best of me. Sitting there in the little old hangar was none other than the REAL deal SR-71 Blackbird. I can tell you now I almost shat myself when I saw the size of the engines, it literally looked like it was going 100mph sitting still. THen the guide starts going into how it needed to be coated in titanium to be able to sustain its mach3+ speed without melting its wings off, and that it was practically the fastest plane ever built, anywhere... I was in Awe.

And yes I got to touch it :D

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Oh I forgot to say that at the Long Beach Airport there is a transport hub for the USAF as there are always a couple of C-17s and I think I saw a C-130 there too. The hangar across from the Jet Blue boarding area says "Worldwide Something Something C-17s". They're right there, visible as you take off on the civillian runway.


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Aircraft I saw in air (at low altitude) on on ground (very closely):

  • USAF: B-1B, B-52, F-15C/E, F-16C, F/A-18F, C-17, CH-47, AH-64D
  • RAF: Hawk, Tornado GR4, Nimrod, Eurofighter Typhoon
  • PLAAF: J-5 (in cockpit), J-6 (in cockpit), Q-5, J-7B, J-8B, Su-27
  • Other: JAS-39 Gripen

Ships that I boarded:

  • Royal Navy: HMS Invincible
  • Turkish Navy: a FFG-7 Perry Class (cannot remember which one though)

Land System
  • I have been inside a Type 62 light tank
  • Fired some rounds with a Type 56 assault rifle

So all in all, not many :(


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I shot with AKM and TT pistol, PKT coaxial machinegun and with the tank cannon. We fired with the cannon but not wit real ammo. We use a 14.5 mm training dives. This is introducing in the 100 mm cannon end fire on a scaled down shooting range. For my sadness we don’t fired the DsKM. :(
I was inside TR-850, T-55, TAB-79.
I saw TAB-77, TAB-71, TERA, MLI, MLVM
When I was in Budapest I visited a war museum, I saw a lot of hand gun, real torpedo from WWII and a schwimmwagen.