What military equipment have you actually seen?


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My elder brother was a F-5 pilot of ROCAF (Taiwan), and I have been a fan of all kind aircrafts since I was a kid, while the US Vietnam troop was still using Taiwan as one of their maintainance/vacation base then.
I've seen F-84, F-86, F100, F-104, F-5, RF-101, Mirage 2000-5, F-16, IDF, C-47, C-119, C-130, AH-1H (ROCAF/Army), and A-1E, F-4, A-4, A-7 (USAF/Blue Angel), and Mig-19, IL-28 (defected from China to Taiwan), and Mig-31 (then USSR when I had a trip to Siberia).
Of course those birds I had seen at the aviation museums in D.C. and Baboa Park don't count here.


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Pretty much everything Australian Army has, from Browning 9mm pistol to M1A1 Abrams, except the special forces stuff like MP5 submachine gun and M4 carbine.


I used to see the biggest nuclear reactor in China everyday when I was living in China. I was still in grade school back then and my parents are scientists working for the Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy (401 institute) in Beijing (I think it was called 601 at the beginning, but I'm not sure). On our way to school, we could see this HUGE black tower (the breathing tower) looming in the horizon.

And they used to have tanks (I have no clue what type of tank it was as I was only a kid back then and it's been so long ago) patroling the institute at night. The tanks would be parked about couple hundred yards away from our elementary school during the day. We used to play around the tanks after school. The soldiers seemed to have no problem with us kids being there at all. One time, one guy actually opened the hatch and let us get in there and play while he was washing the tank. And I saw this big vertical revolving loader on the back of the tank.


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This is weary interesting. A vertical revolving loader? Can you remember how many seats was in a turret?


This is weary interesting. A vertical revolving loader? Can you remember how many seats was in a turret?
Sorry, I don't remember. :eek: It was long ago and I was in there for only a short while since other kids were practically yelling and tried to get us out so that they could get in. But it didn't feel spacious at all. I was about 10/11 years old. With only about 3 of us in there, it was pretty crowded. I don't think I saw any driving gears, possibly in a separate chamber in the front of the tank???:confused:

I still remember vivdly about the loader because, at the time, I was shocked to see that device since I thought all revolvers were something you can hold in your hand when you play cowboy games. I want to say I also saw one or two missles in the loader. But don't trust me on this. My mind may be playing games with me.:nono:


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I have seen F-15,F-16, F-5, UH-1, B-2,B-52,Canadian LAV, HMWVV, F-18C/E, B-17, E-2,E-3,B-1,MP5,M4,M16,LAW,C7,C8,C6,M870,Yaks, J-6,J-7,J-8,Q-5, C-17,C-130,EP-3 (I think)

I saw these from Abbotsford Airshows, Chinese military museum

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Last summer I took a trip to Japan and I was climbing Mt. Fuji. About half way up the mountain, there was a break in the clouds and several F-15s (I believe) came flying by. Right at about the same level I was. The roar of the engines was echoing off the mountain. It was incredible. I couldn't tell if they were JASDF or USAF.