US Navy DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class

Okay Jura... let me rephrase that
The Zumwalt ( it was spell check) was supposed to share a identical duel radar system made up of the AN/SPY 3 an X band and the AN/SPY 4 an S band with the Ford class.
However they removed the S Band. Leaving the AN/SPY 3 from the Zumwalt class but left it in the Ford. However the John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Enterprise will use yet another radar the Enterprise Air Survalence radar And the Burke III will use yet another not the SPY 1 but the SPY 6.
the story:
Dual Band Radar Swapped Out In New Carriers
March 17, 2015
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recalled Aug 9, 2018
retyping from the document inside
Report to Congress on U.S. Navy Destroyer Programs
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(the last paragraph at p. 9):

"The first DDG-1000 was commissioned into service on October 15, 2016, although its delivery date was revised in the Navy's FY218 budged submission to May 2018,
and revised further in the Navy's FY2019 budged submission to December 2018, creating an unusual situation in which a ship was commissioned into service more than two years prior to its delivery date."

there's a very interesting footnote (#19) on the next page (I'm too disgusted to retype it though);
if I understood it correctly, the USN at first wanted basically to accept the delivery (cough cough) of the Zumwalts without combat systems, but now the USN can't ...

took out the rant on edit
after I had read
Second Zumwalt-class destroyer sets sail for commissioning site
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now; will be interesting to watch what the Pentagon does with the craft

bd popeye

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and I suggest to rename the class to Pointless
That's very insulting Jura. Change the name of the class?! ADM Zumwalt was a fine man WORTHY of having a ship class named after him.. Read about him...
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I don't like the Zumwalt class issues either but it seems to me the USN is trying to work out the kinks. And yes it's been a long time coming.

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Nov 13, 2018
Vice Adm. Merz: New Round, Gun Removal Options for Zumwalt DDG
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and I suggest to rename the class to Pointless
Bar Fight on SDF,,,, gee Bub,,, how do you survive the PUB??? that "sardonic" sense of humor would get you in trouble in most parts..... I do kinda agree with you,,, GUN FAIL is bad, just think if the A-10 had that problem??? so when are you going to start critiquing the J-20 and Su-57?? prolly be looking over your shoulder then wouldn't you???

you're still pretty close to "Indian Country", and yes, like Pocahontas, I am part Cherokee.... lol

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Actually the A10 gun had a ton of problems to work out. It took years.
to be honest I don't recall them ever contemplating removing it from the airplane, the Zumwalts were built around those guns, it seems very counterintuitive to contemplate removing them from those vessels, because the projectile is expensive and underperforming, without immediately falling back to a real projectile, while you engineer up to your desired performance??