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I have a few ideas.
1- Closing some of the 1000 bases they have.
2- Ending their interventions (read: 21st century colonial wars) in all 7 countries and retiring counter-insurgency (read: anti-resistance) equipment.
3- Ending their clandestine drone strikes and special forces operations in multiple small countries and retiring the then surplus equipment and people.
4- Somehow convincing the senators to allow procurement based on engineering and manufacturing constraints, and military needs instead of politics.
5- Stopping sending the CBG's to patrol (read: participate in provocations) in distant waters.

I guess these would help.


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The biggest benefactor of the changing US military objective /priority would be the ME regions. An Iran adventure seem very distant. The regions east of Iran ( Levant) has to heal.

I wish them well. Have suffered much under foreign as well as domestic struggles and crisis.