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I do not know how many more I will be able to build. My condition is deteriorating rather quickly now..but I will try and hold on to get that second Izumo completed in 1/350 scale. I think what the US is doing with its LHD/LHSs, what Japan is doing with the two Izumo's, what Korea is doing with its DOkdo carrier, with both of those countries adding two or three more AEGIS destroyers, is an excellent answer to China's buildup of carrier groups. The US will add four new carriers, and Japan and Korea will add four more, all carying a 5th generation stealth fighter.

I'm so sad to hear this and my thoughts are with you. :(
Take care my old friend.


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US says it has tested a top secret sixth-gen fighter

The aircraft was created using digital engineering, which allows the service to bypass the regular manufacturing process

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Digital engineering isn't new. The A380 was fully designed and tested digitally. But of course, testing is one thing, and practice is another. Because of software issues the wiring they designed in software wasn't doable in real life, so they had to redo all the wiring by hand on the first couple of aircraft at horrendous cost. If the US only did digital testing of the fighter and didn't produce an actual flying prototype I don't consider that to be an actual aircraft. If they made a flying prototype, it doesn't mean it meets spec. Much like the recent AI "win" against that F-16 pilot. In a test where he had to use the gun and the simulated F-16s were flying at G's which are impossible for the airframe to sustain. Just patent BS.

Software testing does decrease the design cycle time but it isn't a silver bullet. The Chinese are also using similar design methods for the FC-31 prototypes but they still flight test aircraft and they are still nowhere near the final product.


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Probably meant that digital engineering allowed for a very short timeframe between when they first starting drafting the blueprints on computers to building and flying the prototype/demonstrator.