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Jun 16, 2017
... by the way I admit I supported 2003 intervention in Iraq ... but I didn't believe WMD which the CIA, ehm, found :) I was still back in the US when they started to talk about Saddam's uranium from Africa or something, and CNN had been broadcasting this "info" in a loop ... now I see people don't want to even talk about 2003 Iraq (including those who'd been on the US side back then hahaha) but I still think the campaign was blitzkrieg in its best; the occupation of Iraq was a disaster, of course ...
something I'm going to tell my grandkid if I ever have one
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Sep 18, 2019
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The US military has triggered a massive surge of its wartime sealift ships

so let's wait and see how "massive" it is in reality I mean how many of the reactivated ships sail
The US military ran the largest stress test of its sealift fleet in years. It’s in big trouble.
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but who's interested in real world numbers here huh

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The propositioned force needs to be up-graded or better yet replaced. Many of the pre-positioned ships that are at Diego Garcia today were there when I was stationed there from July '85 to July '86....:confused:


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Trump just tweeted that the US "just spent" $2 trillion on military equipment.

Does anyone know what he is referring to? The military budget of the last 3 years? Or some kind of calculation of the value of military platform stock.